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23 Cool Snooker Slogans

Below are the 23 Cool Snooker Slogans. Share them with your friends.


Just don’t miss the ball

Keep your eyes on the ball

Concentration is the key in Snooker

Cue ball can do it all

The best offense is sometimes a good defense

Control the cue, you will win the game

Those who can’t play Snooker should go home

Never, never, never give up

Snooker is a game of simple shots played to perfection – Joe Davies

Snooker player’s serenity prayer

Life is like a game of Snooker

If you never lose, you can never enjoy the Victory

You shoot pretty good

Refuse to loose

I love Snooker

Stop smoking & start Snooker

It’s all about stick & ball

Relax & play Snooker

Keep calm & Snooker on

Keep calm & Focus on Snooker

Snooker makes you a expert in putting in

Hit it to win it

Snooker: Putting in

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