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57 Best Pet Food Slogans and Taglines

In our previous post about pet grooming slogans, we shared slogans & taglines being used by pet grooming service companies all around the world.

In this post, we are going to share with you a list of 57+ pet food slogans and taglines that are being used by existing pet food suppliers all around the world.

Using catchy slogans they are attracting the attention of their potential customers (mostly pet owners) to increase their sales and profits. See what type of messages they are delivering using their taglines.


Pet Food Slogans


Food fit for ‘big dogs’ & ‘fat cats’


The best you can do for your pet


A better world for pets


Natural food and treats for pets


Pet Food Slogans


Pure & natural holistic pet foods for a long and healthy life


The best nutrition is simple


Where quality matters


Nourish as nature intended


Healthy from nose to tail


Premium foods for hard working dogs


All your dog needs


Real food pets love


Advanced pet nutrition


Naturally balanced pet nutrition


Saving good dogs from bad dog food


If animals could talk, they’d talk about us


For all your fresh pet food needs


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Animal friendly animal foods


Nutrition without compromise


We believe in natural balance


Pet Food Slogans 1


Your pets are our babies too


Health nutrition for dogs & cats


We make pets happy!


Health food store for pets


Holistic pet food


Happier, Healthier pets


We care about your pets!


Putting pets first


Life just got a little easier


For pets with personality


The right diet for your pet


Shhhh! it’s the real thing!


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It’s a pet thing


Pet Food Slogans 2


We’re for pets


Helping your dog live a fuller life


The right diet for your pet


What pets want


Feed the senses


It’s the best ever


You wouldn’t eat it, but your pet might


Your Pet, Our Passion


Makes your pet’s poop smell like spring flowers


Pets Know the Difference


Pet Food Slogans 3


Naturally healthier!


Good for Today, Good for Life


There’s nothing dogs would rather eat


Real taste


Your pet will love it


Happy pet, Happy You


Slow cooked pet nutrition


Make good happen


100% natural quality petfood & treats


Much more than pet food


The way pet food should be


Feed the senses


Pet food made by pet people


Nutrition at its best, naturally


Hand crafted pet food


Partner in pet food


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