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430 Best Pet Food Slogans & Catchy Dog Food Slogans, Taglines



In our previous post about pet grooming slogans, we shared slogans & taglines being used by pet grooming service companies all around the world. In this post, we are going to share with you a list of  pet food slogans and taglines that are being used by existing pet food suppliers all around the world.

Using catchy slogans they are attracting the attention of their potential customers (mostly pet owners) to increase their sales and profits. See what type of messages they are delivering using their taglines.


Best Pet Food Slogans

Let me tell you a famous pet food slogan!

  • Food fit for ‘big dogs’ & ‘fat cats’
  • The best you can do for your pet
  • A better world for pets
  • Natural food and treats for pets
  • Pure & natural holistic pet foods for a long and healthy life
  • The best nutrition is simple
  • Where quality matters
  • Nourish as nature intended
  • Healthy from nose to tail
  • Premium foods for hard-working dogs
  • All your dog needs
  • Real food pets love


Dog Food Slogans 1


  • Advanced pet nutrition
  • Naturally balanced pet nutrition
  • Saving good dogs from bad dog food
  • If animals could talk, they’d talk about us
  • For all your fresh pet food needs
  • Your pets are our babies too
  • Health nutrition for dogs & cats
  • We make pets happy!
  • Health food store for pets
  • Holistic pet food
  • Happier, Healthier pets
  • We care about your pets!
  • Putting pets first
  • Life just got a little easier

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  • You wouldn’t eat it, but your pet might
  • Your Pet, Our Passion
  • Makes your pet’s poop smell like spring flowers
  • Pets Know the Difference
  • Naturally healthier!
  • Good for Today, Good for Life
  • There is nothing dogs would rather eat
  • Real taste
  • Your pet will love it
  • Happy pet, Happy You
  • Slow-cooked pet nutrition
  • Make good happen
  • 100% natural quality petfood & treats
  • Much more than pet food
  • The way pet food should be
  • Pet food made by pet people
  • Nutrition at its best, naturally
  • Hand-crafted pet food
  • Partner in pet food
  • Animal-friendly animal foods
  • Nutrition without compromise
  • We believe in natural balance


Pet Food Slogans


Top 10 Pet Food Slogans

  1. For pets with personality
  2. The right diet for your pet
  3. Shhhh! it’s the real thing!
  4. It’s a pet thing
  5. We’re for pets
  6. Helping your dog live a fuller life
  7. What Every Pet Wants
  8. What pets want
  9. Feed the senses
  10. It’s the best ever


Pet Food Slogans 2


Catchy Dog Food Slogans

Every dog lover takes care of their dogs as their child. They make it a point to provide them with the best dog food for them. You should acknowledge this fact and grasp this opportunity to supply stuff that has a high demand. Dog owners will have a lot of options available. Therefore you have to come up with the best advertising ideas using the slogans in this article. I have also provided you with the slogans of existing manufacturers to compare yourselves and see where you can improve.

Let me tell you a few famous dog food slogans!

  • The purest and most natural things
  • Give them a healthier life
  • It’s the best thing
  • Your pet is our passion
  • Real taste with real love
  • We offer 100% natural quality
  • Pay less, take more
  • Food Full of True Love
  • Foods, Find it
  • Full of Complete Health
  • Satisfy the Appetite of Life
  • happy Dog, happy relations
  • healthy for Every side
  • All for your Pet Needs
  • Every Food is Precious
  • It Tastes So good
  • It is Yummy. Its New Food
  • Be happy, Feed happy

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  • Exceptionally Healthier
  • The best you can do for your dog.
  • We’re for dogs.
  • It’s a dog thing.
  • Tastes so good dogs ask for it by name.
  • The real meat tastes every dog loves.
  • You keep them happy, we’ll keep them healthy.
  • What Dogs want.
  • High Octane fuel for working dogs.
  • A great dog deserves Alpo.
  • It’s the best ever.
  • Live lighter, Love longer.
  • Your Pet. Our Passion.
  • What healthy dogs and cats are made of.
  • Incredible puppy food.
  • Dogs Know the Difference.
  • Good taste is easy to recognize.
  • Nutrition for life naturally.
  • Good for Today. Good for Life.
  • To say I love you.
  • There is nothing dogs would rather eat.


Pet Food Slogans 3


Top 10 Dog Food Slogans

  1. Everything is handmade here
  2. Extra tasty, extra healthy
  3. Give them extra care
  4. It makes everything good
  5. Happy pet and happy us
  6. Real Food, Real Love
  7. We believe in healthy food
  8. We offer what pet wants
  9. Healthy from head to toe
  10. A better taste for them


Dog Food Slogans


Dog Treat Slogans

Dog treats are food goodies for dogs, you can prosper in this area and become famous using the following slogans:

  • What your pet wants
  • Good for the canines
  • A canine’s best friend
  • Your best friend’s friend
  • Keeping their gut healthy
  • The best food for your furry friend
  • Goodness of nature
  • The right thing for your pet
  • For healthy bones
  • A dog’s favorite
  • Incredible what your pet wants
  • Incredible Foods For incredible Pets
  • As Good as it is
  • Come, eat, play
  • The Best Care through Food
  • be Healthy is our Motto
  • For More Health
  • Full of Flavours, Less Calories
  • Good for life. Food for Pets
  • keeping them healthy
  • Full of Superior nutrition
  • Its Best Ever
  • Your Pet, our Passion
  • Keep Them Happy,
  • Naturally Balanced for all
  • The Best A Pet Can Get
  • Full of Deliciousness
  • Care your Pet More


Dog Food Slogans 2


Dog Food Taglines

Some of the taglines for dog food have been jotted down for you!

  • Every Pet Love’s __
  • Choose Best, Live Longer
  • Fit For Every Pet
  • A Better taste for Pets
  • Get a New Treat
  • The Best Nutrition is here
  • The best you can give to your pet
  • A healthy world for your pet
  • Natural and healthy food
  • No compromise with quality
  • Food your pet ever needs
  • Your dog will love it
  • Give your pet extra love
  • Fresh food for healthy pets
  • Take nutrition without compromise
  • Your pets are ours too
  • Healthy nutrition for healthy dogs
  • Have happy and healthy pets
  • We make your pets happy
  • Smart food for smart pets
  • Life just got a little healthier
  • Save good food for good pets
  • A new world for pets
  • Quality is everything for us
  • The real taste of love
  • Makes their tomorrow better and healthy
  • As natural as healthier
  • The best food for your pet
  • Because pets are also living beings
  • Because you love your pets
  • More natural and more healthy
  • Simple and tasty food always
  • The best you can do for them
  • Food to make them strong and healthy
  • Fresh food gives a fresh mood


Pet Food Slogans 1


Royal Canin Slogans

As we all know that Royal Canin is the best dog food manufacturer in the business. If you’re willing to be better than them or have strong advertising, you can go through their slogans.

  • Pamper them a little more
  • They need your extra care
  • A fully delicious meal for them
  • The newest incredible things
  • A new meal for a new day
  • The yummiest and healthiest
  • You should prefer first
  • Eat, play, repeat
  • Full package of healthy things
  • Real taste with real love
  • Give them a longer life
  • Because every pet deserves this
  • Give them healthy growth
  • Feed them with love
  • The natural balance diet
  • With lots of flavors and love
  • Pet satisfaction is also important
  • A little fewer calories, a little more love
  • Our aim is to make them healthy
  • Yummy for their small tummy
  • To fulfill all their food needs
  • Food full of tasty things
  • The real taste of love
  • To show them your love
  • For all the good pets there
  • The best treatment for them
  • Feed them with love
  • Because your pets are worth it
  • We are passionate about them
  • Happy pets and happy you
  • The perfect store for your pets
  • Because all they need is love
  • The best for your pets


In short, you can have all the best ideas in the world regarding dog food, but without being popular among people you cannot survive in this business. Marketing and advertising play a significant role in promoting your business. Use the slogans in this article to build a strong brand image.



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