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Element Slogans

13 Creative Gallium Slogans

Gallium was discovered by Lecoq de Boisbaudran in 1875. Gallium is a chemical element with symbol Ga and atomic number 31. Gallium does not occur as a free element in nature. 

Below are the 13 Creative Gallium slogans for chemistry assignments, science projects & project presentations. They can also be used for Gallium advertisement and marketing. Also good for familiarization with Gallium. Share them with your friends.


  • Gallium, never alone

  • Be soft like Gallium

  • Gallium, go for it!

  • Gallium: Mr. 31

  • G for Gallium

  • It’s Gallium time

  • Live like Gallium

  • Go far with Gallium

  • Gallium Nonstop

  • Gallium today – Gallium tomorrow

  • Gallium converting electricity to light

  • Gallium, a better choice than mercury

  • Gallium: It’s in the thermometer