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List of 50 Famous Commercial Slogans of Popular Brands



Commercial slogans are cool, small, catchy phrases that help a company introduce its brands to people. Their primary focus is to convey the company message to its target audience and gain customers. Commercial slogans are placed on billboards, packaging, products, etc, for marketing purposes. These slogans build a massive market for them as Commercial slogans are created to gain people’s interest and attention.


You are on the right blog, as we have written the most famous and impactful Commercial slogans that will catch people’s attention and help you stay unique and different from others. View the whole blog and get your Commercial slogans to create an impact in the market. So, hit your target audience with one statement.

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Famous Commercial Slogans Explanation

A well-written iconic slogan will market your brand, and encourage people to consume your services. Iconic slogans are the ones that are relatable to people and become a part of society. A simple phrase that is to the point and hits the target on the spot. In the same way, we have written Famous Commercial iconic slogans that were easy to remember and have captured consumer attention for brands before.

So, create a long-lasting connection with your happy audience and share your services by using iconic slogans


  1. KFC – It’s Finger Lickin’ Good!

Kentucky Fried Chicken has been around for a long time and so has this popular slogan. When you hear “finger lickin’ good” you instantly think of the delicious chicken sold by the company and I guarantee you’ll want to lick your fingers clean after consuming their products.


  1. Nike – Just Do It

One of the most popular sports brand of all time is Nike and their catchphrase “Just do it” is known all over the world. In addition to their telltale tick, the slogan will also make you know the brand being advertised. This tagline inspires you to buy those shoes/clothes and put them to damn good use.


  1. Gillette – The Best A Man Can Get

When you think of high-quality shaving brands, your mind is instantly going to go to Gillette. While it might be the most expensive, it’s definitely the best. This popular phrase has been translated into 14 languages and is used all over the world. While men AND women now use Gillette, the best a man can get is a very catchy slogan that shows off the worth of the brand.


  1. Wonderbra – Hello Boys

There is no doubt that Wonderbra creates the most amazing bras that lift and accentuate. “Hello Boys” is a slogan that was first used by the brand in 1994 and it’s still known to this day. When a woman is wearing a Wonderbra, particularly with an eye-catching outfit, she IS going to get noticed and that is what the phrase is all about.


  1. Subway – Eat Fresh

Although Subway is still considered a fast food brand, it’s definitely healthier than others out there and the slogan “Eat Fresh”, somewhat boasts about that fact. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy fresh ingredients for their daily lunch? This tagline has left more and more people turning to Subway because you can literally watch your sandwich get made right in front of you.


  1. Max Factor – The Make-Up Of Make-Up Artists

This is a catchy slogan that is broadcast everywhere when Max Factor is being advertised. Customers like to know that they are using the best products. Mentioning the fact that professional makeup artists use the brand makes it very attractive to consumers.


  1. MasterCard – There Are Some Things Money Can’t Buy, For Everything Else There’s MasterCard

While this is slightly longer than other slogans, it’s still very catchy and known all over the world. MasterCard is a reputable brand and their credit card is very popular which they are trying to hammer home with this tagline.


  1. Apple – Think Different

Apple has been known by the slogan “think different” for some time now and it definitely suits this innovative brand. Apple is always coming out with the latest and greatest gadgets, they want to be known as one of the most unique technology brand on the market and this is why they chose this slogan to capture the attention of potential customers.


  1. Heinz – Beanz Meanz Heinz

In terms of baked beans, the most popular brand is Heinz and multiple polls have shown their catchy slogan is a favorite amongst the Commercial world. When anyone is shopping for beans, they remember this slogan and are much more likely to reach for the Heinz brand as appose to anything else that might be on the shelf.


  1. Crest Toothpaste – Look Ma, No Cavities

This slogan for Crest toothpaste first came around in the 50’s and it’s definitely one that sticks in people minds. Toothpaste that promotes a healthy smile and of course, no cavities, is important and that is exactly what Crest advertise with this amusing little tagline.


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  1. McDonald’s – I’m Lovin’ It

Who doesn’t love some McDonalds from time to time? They are the most well known fast food brand from around the world has the tagline I’m Lovin’ It shows this off. When you hear the tune and those three words, you know exactly what is being advertised and you might be more tempted to go and eat there.


  1. Skittles – Taste The Rainbow

The popular candy Skittles come in rainbow colors and for that reason alone, the tagline is absolutely perfect. Taste the rainbow was first used as the slogan for Skittles back in 1994 and it’s still going strong to this day, with TV and billboard Commercial still using the line to showcase the product.


  1. Camel – I’d Walk A Mile For A Camel

This cleverly worded slogan used for Camel cigarettes was first adopted back in 1921. Although smoking is definitely not as glamorized as it used to be, the slogan is still used less discreetly for the brand and consumers know exactly what is being advertised when they hear or see it.


  1. Felix – Cats Like Felix, Like Felix

All cat owners want the best brand of cat-food for their trusted feline and many turn to Felix for the pure reason that their Commercial campaign and slogan is so strong. The adverts usually feature a black and white cat “Felix” caught in a cheeking scenario before digging into the delicious cat food that can only be from this well-known brand.


  1. Bisto – Ahhh! Bisto!

Super simple and super catchy, Bisto is the most popular brand of gravy granulates from around the world and people young and old know this slogan. Home cooking is nice but isn’t always an option so when all else fails, turn to some Bisto for instant satisfaction.


  1. KitKat – Have a break, have a KitKat

KitKat is such an easy chocolate to eat and many consumers eat it when having a break from work or relaxing at home. The phrase “have a break, have a KitKat” has been going strong for years now and this wafer bar, PLUS its slogan has stood the test of time. It’s easy to remember and it instantly makes people want to buy the product.


  1. Dr. Pepper – What’s the worst that could happen?

Only coined back in 2009, however, the catchy tagline is very popular and that’s largely due to the clever Commercial that goes along with it. Dr. Pepper TV advertisements are very funny, with people finding themselves in a whole bunch of crazy situations all because they drank some of the refreshing, tasty carbonated drink. What’s the worst that can happen is a funny phrase and it has actually led to the sales of Dr.Pepper soaring around many different countries worldwide.


  1. The US Army – Be All You Can Be

The US Army has been recruiting people for many years now and their slogan is quite inspiring. It is telling people to push themselves and become the person they are capable of being by signing up and challenging themselves. Whenever “be all you can be” is heard, people instantly think of the army and it makes many consider a career in the Armed Forces.


  1. Pringles – Once You Pop, You Can’t Stop

There is no doubt that Pringles are damn addictive and this slogan is definitely showing that fact off. They come in a range of delicious flavors and a famous, tall tub. It’s pretty impossible to have just one or two Pringles, hence the catchy slogan that is used in countries around the world.


  1. Rice Krispies – Snap! Crackle! Pop!

Rice Krispies are heavily advertised as a children’s brand of cereal and in their Commercial campaign, they use three cute characters, aptly names Snap, Crackle, and Pop. This slogan is used in conjunction with the characters because this is the noise the cereal makes when milk is added and kids seem to love repeating the phrase over and over again!


  1. Burger King – Have It Your Way

Following close behind McDonald’s is Burger King, who has the slogan Have It Your Way for some time now. The range of burgers and other meals at Burger King is enormous, hence this memorable tagline that inspires people to head to their nearest BK.


  1. Maybelline – Maybe She’s Born With It, Maybe It’s Maybelline

Maybelline is a very popular brand of makeup but it’s also appealing because it’s fairly affordable to everyday people. Their slogan is popular and used in all different methods of Commercial from the brand. It’s hammering home the fact of how much makeup can transform a girl’s looks and make her look completely flawless.


  1. HSBC – The Worlds Local Bank

With the slogan The Worlds Local Bank, HSBC wants to show off the fact that they are an everyday bank, suitable for everyone and who actually cares about their customers’ needs. HSBC remains in the top three banks for a number of different countries so they are definitely doing something right.


  1. Energizer – It Keeps Going, And Going, And Going

There is no doubt that Energizer is the most popular brand of battery out there due to their high quality. They famously have a really long battery life. Their slogan is a little naughty but very catchy and really shows off what the brand is most well known for.


  1. Interflora – Say It With Flowers

The reliability of the flower delivery brand Interflora is apparent all over the world. There is no doubt that flowers are a great way to show you care in a whole bunch of different situations. Many people know the company being advertised when they hear “Say It With Flowers”. It prompts many customers to go and place an order with the brand.


  1. Guinness – My Goodness, My Guinness

Guys around the world love Guinness, it’s a very manly beer and it remains one of the most popular in a number of different countries. My Goodness, My Guinness is simple and trying to show how good the beer tastes.


  1. L’Oreal – Because You’re Worth It

L’Oreal produces a number of different makeup, skin-care and hair-care products for women. Their slogan shows that they are a high-quality brand. Although they’ve played with a number of different taglines over the world. Because you’re worth it is their most popular and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon.


  1. Kellogg’s Frosties – They’re Grrrrreat

Tony the Tiger is a character that is known worldwide and he helps to advertise Kelloggs Frosties. This popular brand has the tagline “they’re grrrrreat”, with as much emphasis on the R as possible! Kids who see this advert, urge their parents to buy the cereal brand and they are definitely delicious for the whole family to enjoy together.


  1. Disney Land – The Happiest Place On Earth

Disney Land is the dream destination for most kids around the world and the Commercial slogan “The Happiest Place On Earth” is very appealing to families. Who wouldn’t want to be in the happiest place on earth? Disney has played with many different slogans over the world and this one is still heavily used in their Commercial campaigns.


  1. Haig Whiskey – Don’t Be Vague, Ask For A Haig

The very popular brand of Scotch Whiskey, Haig – have a slogan that you will not be forgetting in a hurry. When you are next in the pub and fancy a Whiskey, you would be inclined to specifically order a “Haig” rather than just asking for a Whiskey and that is what the slogan is trying to achieve.


  1. Carlsberg – Probably The Best Beer In The World

Carlsberg is another popular beer that is sold in so many different countries around the world. If there are any men out there who haven’t tried any of the beers that Carlsberg have, this tagline inspires them to give it a go next time they are at the pub.


  1. Typhoo – You Only Get An OO With Typhoo

This popular tea brand has been around for years and they have always had the tagline “you only get an oo with Typhoo”. Their TV adverts show somebody making a cup of tea with Typhoo teabags, tasting it and saying “Oooo” with surprise and happiness. This is simple but clearly portrays the quality of the brand.


  1. Jaguar – Grace, Space, Pace

Jaguar is well known for being a sleek and sophisticated brand of car – a vehicle many people dream of driving. The three words in the slogan show off just some of the key features of the brand and it is definitely to the point.


  1. Zurich – Because Change Happens

Insurance is a boring topic but something that we all need in many areas of life. Whether it be car insurance, home insurance, life insurance or something else. you need to insure the things in your life that matter. This catchy tagline can give people that realization. Also gentle push they need to go and get some insurance with the well-known Zurich brand.


  1. Maxwell House – Good To The Last Drop

Instant coffee doesn’t always have a good reputation but many people definitely have it as a staple in their household. Maxwell House is a popular brand and their slogan is to the point and basically shows that it is a coffee worth trying for yourself.


  1. Dreams – Sleep On A Bed Of Dreams

You have definitely been living under a rock if you have never heard “dreams, dreams, sleep on a bed of dreams”. Along with the catchy tune that goes along with it. Dreams is a company that sells mattresses and they are well known around the world. with this catchy slogan being translated into a number of different languages.


  1. Hallmark – When You Care Enough To Send The Very Best

It’s difficult to find a classic greetings card that isn’t from the brand Hallmark. They are the original and in the opinion of many, the best to this day. They produce cards for all different occasions and their tagline makes people want to buy a Hallmark card to send to that special someone in their life.


  1. Nokia – Connecting People

Before Samsung, Google and Apple was the slightly less advanced brand Nokia and they are still a popular brand in fact. Some of the first mobile phones came from Nokia, hence why they use the slogan “Connecting People”.


  1. The New York Times – All The News That’s Fit To Print

The New York Times prides themselves on being a classy paper that provides all the important news from America. This tagline is something they’ve had for years and thanks to technology, people all around the world now turn to this brand to get their daily dose of news.


  1. Yellow-pages – Let Your Fingers Do The Talking

Before you could simply look up somebodies address or a companies telephone number online, was the Yellow Pages. EVERYONE had the big yellow book in their house and the slogan is quite comical. It is also true to the fact that you would have to look up somebodies details by trailing your finger down the heavily packed pages.


  1. Snickers – You’re Not You When You’re Hungry

This nutty confectionery brand has had many different taglines over the years, with you’re not you when you’re hungry being the most recent and well known. Their adverts feature people being monsters (sometimes quite literally) before they have consumed a Snickers. They are funny ads and the sales of Snickers has soared even higher since they’ve launched this memorable Commercial campaign.


  1. LG – Life’s Good

LG is a popular technology brand providing all kinds of different products for people all around the world. LG actually stands for “Life’s Good” and this is its simple but to-the-point slogan.


  1. Nicorette – Makes Quitting Suck Less

When you think of aids to quit smoking, your mind is likely to first go to Nicorette. This brand offers patches and other products that help people quit smoking. The tagline is a little funny and makes people want to give the brand a try.


  1. Levis – Quality Never Goes Out Of Style

Levis is known for being a high-quality brand of jeans. They use many different models and superstars in their Commercial and are very appealing to look at. While they are more on the higher end market, their Commercial slogan is trying to express the fact that they are the best quality of jeans you can get.


  1. Kodak – Share Moments, Share Life

Despite all the new brands that are joining the scene. Kodak still remains a popular camera brand and their slogan is catchy and eye-opening. Kodak has a number of different products available and the tagline inspires people to buy them and record memories with the people in their life.


  1. Starbucks – Coffee That Inspires

There are Starbucks coffee shops in many different countries around the world. They have a number of different amazing coffees and the slogan is simple but appealing.


  1. Coca Cola – Enjoy

Coca Cola has had many different slogans over the years but the one-word phrase. It shows in easy terms what the brand advocates is “Enjoy”. As the most popular soft drinks brand in the world there is no doubt that millions of people do enjoy drinking coca cola.


  1. Red Bull – It Gives You Wiiings

If you need a touch of energy, the first brand you are likely to think of is Red Bull. While you do not literally get wings, the Commercial campaign is very clever. It also has had so many new consumers notice the energy drinks and what they offer.


  1. Lay’s – Betcha Can’t Eat Just One

When you go to a shop to buy potato chips, the shelves are heavily dominated by the brand Lays. These straight-to-the-point chips are made up of delicious flavors and a certain crispiness. Because of that other brands just don’t have. The slogan is funny and actually very true!


  1. EA – Challenge Everything

Electronic Arts, are a gaming company that aims to provide amazing and innovative entertainment to young and old. The amount of games provided by EA where you can play against people around the world is what inspired the slogan Challenge. Everything and it really shows off what they stand for.


Slogans gained popularity fast and earned people’s feedback towards it. The Commercial slogans is written once and used to identify the brand’s service. They are written in a lighter tone to entertain people and motivate them to buy our trustworthy service without hesitation. A simple phrase does the job for a seller. for example, the Nike brand slogan encourages people to take the best-selling shoes by saying, “Just do it”.



Commercial Slogans Impact on Consumer Behavior

Commercial slogans and taglines had a massive impact on consumers overall. These slogans market their brand worldwide and create awareness among people. It inspires and motivates the consumer to buy one service. A way to build trust, loyalty and identify buyer behaviour.



The Future of Commercial Slogans

The Commercial slogans is a way to convince people to buy their services and products.  A simple motivated phrase inspires people to make their decisions fast and choose you over competitors. It tells how it will affect them, like Loreal’s “You’re worth it”. It boosts their desire to buy services and increases sales.



Conclusion/Suggestions about Commercial Slogans

Slogans are always created with a motto to catch people’s attention. Commercial slogans are relatable, distinctive, and memorable. It is tested before launch to see people’s reactions towards it. Commercial slogans influence people to use specific services to recall brand loyalty and check conversation rates that increase brand sales.

Businesses should use these slogans to represent themselves and create awareness among the audience. Notifying people about the company’s vision, goals, and standards is a way to engage more buyers.

Slogans attract buyers and stakeholders to your brand as these taglines are a part of each ad, article, product packaging, etc. So grab one tagline for your business to represent its mission.


Frequently Asked Questions about Commercial Slogans


How to make Commercial slogans?

You can make Commercial slogans by using AI tools, metaphors, rhymes, and a combination of words. Commercial slogans are written in a way that understands the brand’s audience, mission, and goal. It builds trust among readers and customers to buy one service and become their potential customers.


What makes a Commercial slogan memorable and effective in advertising?

Slogans are very effective because they are concise, to the point, and summarise the brand in one line. It helps brands gain popularity and represent them. It is written one time and stays permanent for years. So that people recognize the brand once they hear the slogan. 


How do companies test and refine their slogans for optimal impact before launch?

Companies test and refine their slogan before launching to observe how people perceive them. The slogan is created with a motto to interact with people to make them understand your goals, services, products, mission, and vision. Companies take these measures essential for their brand representation. This slogan is a means of communication between them and the audience. 


What are the key considerations for businesses looking to create slogans that stand the test of time?

Businesses need to understand the brand strategy first. Secondly, focus on how it will increase brand awareness and sales. Try to create different slogans that rhyme best using metaphor or use AI help. It must have an engaging clear, meaningful impact on people for a long time.



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