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Advertising Slogans

List of Advertising Slogans of famous Brands

An advertising slogan is a short and simple phrase that is often used with the company logo to draw attention of customers. Advertising slogans are also used with the name of a product or service to highlight its aspects and also to gain attention.

Below is a list of Advertising Slogans of famous brands:


  • Apple   –   Think different

  • Ford   –   Everything we do is driven by you

  • Microsoft   –   Where do you want to go today?

  • eBay   –  Buy it. Sell it. Love it.

  • McDonald’s   –   I’m lovin’ it

  • Fisher Price   –   Play, laugh, grow

  • iPod shuffle   –   Life is random

  • Coco Pops   –   What’s going on in that bowl?

  • British Rail   –   We’re getting there

  • Adidas   –   Impossible is nothing

  • Red Bull   –   Gives you wings

  • Esso   –   Put a tiger in your tank

  • Sugar Puffs   –   Feed the fun

  • Muller Corner   –   Lick the lid of life

  • Cresta   –   It’s frothy man

  • Terry’s Chocolate Orange   –   Round … but not round for long

  • Sainsbury’s   –   Try something new today

  • Shredded Wheat   –   Simple honest goodness

  • Marmite   –   You either love it or you hate it

  • Reggae reggae sauce   –   Put some music in your food

  • Andrex   –   Soft, strong and very long

  • Cadbury’s Creme Egg –   How do you eat yours?

  • PG Tips   –   It’s the taste

  • Zanussi   –   The appliance of science

  • Aldi   –   Spend a little, live a lot

  • Irn Bru   –   Made in Scotland from girders

  • Mars   –   Helps you work, rest and play

  • R White’s lemonade   –   I’m a secret lemonade drinker

  • Snickers   –   Get some nuts!

  • Coop   –   Good with food