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150 Catchy Catchy Election Slogans That Can Help You Win

Many of us support the democratic government and decorative government comes with elections. The election is freedom for us to choose our leader and government of our choice. We all collectively vote for the person we think is capable of becoming a leader of a country and doing developments in the country. Our political parties run campaigns and try to get public attention for votes. In my opinion, voting has high importance because our one vote decides the future of our country, our children as John F. Kennedy said “The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all”. In short, we can say that elections are of the people, for us and by us, It is a great power that we hold in our hand as Loung Ung says “Voting is not only our right, It is our power. When we vote, We take back our power to choose. To speak up and to stand with those who support us and each other”. It is a pillar of democracy.

Election consists of the following things.

  • Election Comparing.
  • March.
  • Voting.
  • Counting.
  • Democracy.


Catchy Election Slogans


  • Making the world a better place
  • Vote us, If you want to change
  • Taking actions, Getting results
  • You want great results, We want great resolve
  • We will manage the future
  • Vote for us and build a future
  • This time a new voice
  • We are a new start
  • Vote for us, We have a better and a new vision
  • This country needs a better leadership


Many people use different kinds of slogans in elections to encourage people to give votes. Here are some of those slogans.

Vote today have a better future tomorrow

Our one vote can change our future. If we vote for the right person today we will have more opportunities and facilities tomorrow to live a better life.

It is time to cheer and give a vote without any fear by keeping your mind clear


We should not be afraid of anyone while we hold this great responsibility of voting in our hands, and we should give a vote with an open mind after analyzing and thinking.

Please vote for the right as voting is your right

If we have the right to vote we should also use this right with great responsibility and vote for the right person for our future.


Rich or poor, Franchise your vote, Vote because it is your right

It doesn’t matter if are poor or rich we should give our vote as we have the right to do it and it is important for our future.


  • Your vote is your voice, Use it for a better future
  • Vote, Vote, and vote for the nation’s growth
  • Young or old, Every vote is expensive than gold
  • Forget the rest and vote for the best


Vote to your future


One vote can change the luck of a whole state or country


Vote to go forward and sit in the home to go backward


Don’t use your vote as a joke or be ready for a shock


One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight. Vote before it’s too late and make America great


A vote can be great or it can be a threat


We get things done fast


Elections are the decision of your career


Let’s challenge the problems together, United we stand


We should also use these slogans to encourage our neighbors and friends to spread awareness of the responsibilities and power they hold in their rights. We should encourage them to give a vote. While It is our duty to give a vote for our future, It is also our duty to spread awareness to encourage other people to give a vote for the right person.


Election Campaign Slogans

As I mentioned before, Election campaigns are an important part of elections. All political parties run election campaigns before elections to get attention from the public and to get votes to win the elections. Here are some slogans from election campaigns.


  • We will make this country a better place to live
  • A new vision for this country
  • Today vote, Tomorrow is great
  • We brought a new brand of politics
  • Vote for us and secure your future
  • We are building for the future
  • We are building a better and brighter future


It’s time for a change. Vote us


Vote us for the future now


Vote us, New vision. New direction


It’s time for progress


A fresh face, A fresh leader. A fresh start


Expect more


Leadership, Experience, and values mean something


I am your trusted friend


Getting us elected means getting leadership, Experience, honesty, and change


Vote us most experienced, Proven performance, Genuinely cares


Re-elect our party, Experienced, mature. We are electable


Our party is united


Vote our excellence through experience


You have integrity, honesty, and experience when you vote for us


Put experience on our side


Has server our country now ready to serve you


Most qualified


Vote for experience


Vote for honesty


Vote for democracy


Qualified and ready for leadership


Do you want the best? Vote for the best


We have a dream


We will give you what need


Moral matters


Your efficient clerk


Character counts


Right person


Right leader at right time for the right reason


I am a friendly leader


Only we can make this nation better


Try us! We won’t let you down


Common sense means good government


We will make this country heaven for you


Vote us for perfection


Vote us for ease


We will give you more opportunities, facilities and quality


Vote us to full fill your dreams


Want to make this state better? Vote us


If you want a better future, Vote for us


These slogans are being used in election campaigns and can be used in future election campaigns.

Don’t forget to vote and use slogans to encourage other people to vote.


Funny Election Slogans

We all probably heard funny slogans and taunts from one party to another in their speeches to degrade the other party, here are some of those funny slogans that will make us laugh.


  • Voting is like driving a car vote (D) to go forward and vote (R) to go backward
  • We are not perfect but they are nuts
  • Our bridge to the eleventh century
  • Are you hearing crazy noises? Turn off fox news
  • Is this true or you heard it on fox news
  • Love trump’s hate


Obama won again, Get over it again


Don’t Like socialism? Get off the highway


My president killed Osama bin Laden, What about yours?


Make America think again


Tea party with imaginary friends


Due to recent budget cuts, The light at the end of the tunnel is turned off


Insurance companies are republican death panels


Keeping millions out of work to put one man out of a job


Rich people are paying rich people to tell middle-class people to blame poor people


Want freedom from the government? LIVE IN SOMALIA


Fox news channel: Where the truth goes to die


I would vote for democrat but I am allergic to nuts


Best Election Slogans

Here are some catchy slogans for elections.


  • There is no change competition. Vote for me
  • Two, For, six votes for me don’t be late
  • The best in the test
  • There is nothing like our America do vote for us
  • Vote for the best so you won’t be stressed
  • Free drinks on me tomorrow
  • I am small as a mouse but I am a powerhouse
  • Building a road to better tomorrow


If you wanna have fun, You gotta have to vote for me


Monkey see monkey do, I am voting for me and you should too


Have no fear, Vote for me to have a great year


Mirror, Mirror on the wall, Who is the best vote for them all


Because you are worth it, Vote for me to improve it


I am just asking you to vote for me, I am just asking you to check the box next to me


Let’s stand together, Strong and unstoppable


Everyone says your name for the president


Choose a leader by analytics not politics


Citizen a good one, Vote for the right one



Famous Election Slogans


  • Vote and happy days will be here again
  • Let’s make America good again, Vote
  • Are you better off than you were four years ago?
  • For the people
  • Yes we can
  • Don’t vote for us, Vote for America
  • Use your right for right
  • You only have one vote, Be wise before giving it away
  • Use your vote for America
  • The state is in the hand of the voter
  • Make a better America by choosing a better American with your American vote


There were some famous slogans used in election campaigns in the past and can be used in any future elections.



Good Election Slogans


These are some good slogans for elections


No war but Vote war


Obama, One name, One legend


A vote for Obama is a vote for action, Honesty, Freedom, Progress, and Development


Don’t be shy,  Give us a try and make the state fly


Don’t trash and waste your vote choose trump


For your children’s tomorrow. Elect us today


Your education, Your life, Your school, and our time is now


Dodge the bullet, Vote for the guy who has the mullet


If you are complaining means you did not vote for me in the elections


There is o ly one way to vote for progress and that is voting for the Obama



Election Quotes

Here are some quotes about votes and elections.


“Voting is the expression of our commitment to ourselves and to another and to this world and country”- Sharon Salzburg


“The most important office and the on-call high all of us can and should fill is that of a private citizen.” –Louis Brandies


“Democracy is based upon the conviction that there are extraordinary possibilities in ordinary people”- Harry Emerson Riddick


“Every election determined by the people who show up”-Larry J. Santo


“The right to vote is the basic vote, Without which all others are meaningless. It gives people, people as individuals. Control over their own destinies”-Lyndon B. Johnson


“Somewhere inside all of us is the power of changing the world”-Roald Dank


“Nobody will ever deprive American people of the right to vote. Except for the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting.”-Franklin D. Roosevelt


“Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote”-George Jean Nathan


“Can’t wait for tomorrow when I get to exercise my patriotic duty as American complaining about how long it’s taking to vote”- Stephen Colbert


“Vote is previously, It is the most powerful non-violent tool we have in a democratic society and we should use it”- John Lewis