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240 Latest Earthquake Slogans & Slogans On Earthquake Safety



Catchy earthquake slogan shows the after-effects of earthquakes in catchy statements. Alert people to create emergency plans and supplies to reduce the risk of injury. Rhyming slogans highlight the magnitude of earthquakes and predict future earthquakes. Highlight the recommendations and precautions people should take such as holding on, staying calm, and not running.

Slogans create awareness about dangerous earthquakes by spreading them over billboards, posters, and boards, writing them in books, using them in school for educational purposes, and commonly on social media.


Catchy Earthquake Slogans

Catchy earthquake slogans are catchy, concise, and attention-seeking.  An alarm for people to stay prepared and contain necessary supplies and resources to stay safe.

Educate individuals on the dos and don’ts when earthquakes happen.

  • Duck in cover!
  • Mind the cracks
  • Let’s Survive a 6.5
  • Prepare because u care
  • We Need a Stricter Richter
  • Know Disaster, no Disaster
  • Earthquake can turn you off
  • Time and tide waits for none
  • Stay alert, don’t get hurt
  • Always Aware, Always Prepared
  • 9 Quakes Does Massive Damage
  • Prepare before it’s too late
  • Ready for an Emergency? You can be
  • Get high when you see the smoke fly
  • You better wake when there is a shake
  • This Earthquake might just be your last
  • Stop the shakes, be careful of earthquakes
  • Stop, drop, and role – or be put in a hole
  • When volcano roar, get up and prepare to roll
  • Get under the table, or you’ll end up as a label
  • Shaking Things up — The Great Earthquake of 1995
  • Don`t be lazy! Shake before it shakes!!Take care!!
  • Be up to date or it would be the last date you’ll be up


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Slogans On Earthquake Safety

Slogans on earthquake safety are highly appreciated by the government.  Motivate people to have control over themselves to stay proactive and non-reactive at the same time.

Save yourself and others from paralyzation!!!

  • No more earthquake
  • Effects the economy
  • Depend upon its size
  • Fault or fault plane
  • Cover. Hold on
  • It’s create defects
  • Occur on these faults
  • Slip past one another
  • It sets in the ground
  • Prepare because uou care
  • Inner core of outer core
  • Earthquake comes on earth
  • Fault in four major parts
  • It’s arise due to fault
  • Earthquake gives mainshock
  • Crust and mantle top surface
  • Nourish yourself with nature
  • It can harmful or can not be
  • Take measures for earthquake
  • Earthquake shakes everything
  • It generate or damage the earth
  • Earthquake reflects bad effects
  • Mainshock followed by aftershock
  • It destroyed and disturbed everyone



Earthquake Movie Slogans

Earthquakes movie slogans are dramatic, short, and associated with public emotions. It works like a dialogue that fits in the movie scene.

Get ready to reduce the magnitude of risks with catchy slogans!!

  • Mantle and crust.
  • Earthquake Slogans
  • It damage everything
  • Seismogram is a tool
  • It continue for weeks
  • Effect the whole area
  • Don’t misuse nature
  • It turns out to be death
  • Earthquake has foreshocks
  • Earthquake weak the economy
  • Don’t destroyed your earth
  • Two blocks of the earth slip
  • Earthquake has adverse effect
  • Edges of the plates are rough
  • Earthquake, any sudden shaking
  • Edges of faults, stuck together
  • Earthquake weak the surface of earth
  • Earthquake cause seismograph to shake
  • Edges of the plates are plate boundaries
  • String or spring hanging all the movement




Earthquake Psa Slogans

Earthquake Psa Slogans means Earthquake Psa Slogans.  Catchy slogans share the best practices to survive in earthquakes. Publish these slogans in public places to have a safe tomorrow!

Use slogans to save lives when the earth shakes.

  • Effect the man
  • Nature punish you
  • It effect internally
  • Lithosphere yet elastic
  • Don’t play with nature
  • Effects the earth surface
  • Shaken, but not stirred.
  • It create risk to the lives
  • Effect the nature adversely
  • Earth has four major layers
  • Heavy weight that hangs free
  • Puzzle pieces tectonic plates
  • Earthquake occurs at any layer
  • Plate boundaries has many faults
  • Happens when misuse of nature done.
  • Block is moving, people apprehending
  • Effect the political stabiloty of area
  • When earthquakes come please do not run
  • Continue for years and you have to bear
  • Effects human beings residing at the place
  • Stop, drop, and role – or be put in a hole



Slogans Awareness Earthquake

Slogans Awareness Earthquakes are short memorable and catchy phrases. A protective shield saves community lives in the unstable shaking of the Earth.

Use these enchanting slogans in campaigns.

  • Earthquake safety tips!
  • Prepare for the big one!
  • Don’t wait. Get prepared.
  • Prepare for the earthquake.
  • An earthquake is a warning.
  • Stay connected to love ones.
  • Stay calm and stay together.
  • Stay safe and stay informed.
  • Prepare-for an earthquake-now.
  • Stay positive during an earthquake.
  • The earth is moving, so be prepared!
  • Don’t be a victim of an earthquake!
  • Stay indoors until you hear otherwise.
  • Prepare-for an earthquake-start today.
  • Earthquake watch in effect. Get ready.
  • Earthquakes are a sign of god’s love.
  • Prepare for the big one – it’s coming!
  • If you smell gas, leave the area immediately.
  • In case of an earthquake, break out the bubbly.
  • Earthquakes: how to help in the wake of disaster
  • Earthquakes are a reminder to live with courage.
  • If an earthquake hits, know where to go for help.




Slogans On Earthquake Disaster

Slogans On Earthquake Disaster emphasizes people to prepare, and survive. These motivating slogans are used in social campaigns, events, and formal functions to define the motto of the event.

Save the lives of innocent people with earthquake slogans.

  • It’s a warning.
  • Be aware. Be safe.
  • We are here for you.
  • Stay calm, stay safe.
  • Earthquakes are a warning.
  • Stay informed and stay safe!
  • Earthquakes are a part of life.
  • Earthquakes happen. Get ready.
  • Remember to stay safe and warm.
  • Remember to kiss your loved ones.
  • Stay informed – know what to do.
  • Stay informed during an earthquake!
  • Stay informed during an earthquake.
  • Stay informed. Be safe. Stay informed.
  • Earthquakes are a natural part of life.
  • When the earthquake hits, don’t panic!
  • Seismicity is increasing. Stay informed!
  • Stay safe during an earthquake. Get help.
  • An earthquake is a warning – be careful!
  • Stay safe during an earthquake evacuation!
  • Prepare-your family for earthquake safety.
  • Stay informed and ready for an earthquake!
  • Remember to be aware of your surroundings.
  • Earthquakes are a reminder of our fragility.
  • Earthquakes are natural disasters. Stay safe!
  • If an earthquake hits, drop, cover and hold on.
  • Earthquake! It’ll be over before you know it!
  • An earthquake is not a coincidence. Be prepared.
  • An earthquake is just a warning – be prepared.
  • Earthquake drill: find your fears and face them!
  • In case of an earthquake, break out the duct tape.
  • Earthquakes happen and it’s time to get over it.
  • Earthquakes: what to do if you are affected by one
  • Stay safe, everyone. This is going to be a big one!
  • Earthquake safety tips – follow these guidelines!




Slogans On Earthquake Preparedness

Slogans On Earthquake Preparedness secure today and tomorrow of individuals. Sharing the risks,  and quick action of sudden naturally occurring disasters.  Encourage people to perform unity and save each other in such situations.

  • Stay safe. Stay informed.
  • Stay calm. Earthquakes happen.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • In times of crisis, be prepared.
  • Earthquakes happen. Deal with it.
  • Emergency crews are on their way.
  • Earthquakes happen. Get organized.
  • Stay informed. Be safe. Be prepared.
  • If it’s shaking, it’s time to go!
  • When an earthquake hits, don’t panic.
  • Prepare-your home for earthquake safety.
  • Earthquakes are a reminder to be prepared.
  • Earthquakes happen. Protect your property.
  • Earthquakes are inevitable. Stay prepared!
  • If you are a skater, stay off the streets.
  • Stay safe during an earthquake. Get ready.
  • The world is shaking! Come see for yourself!
  • Earthquakes are a reminder to never give up.
  • Earthquakes are a sign of life. Be prepared.
  • An earthquake is a sign of life. Cherish it.
  • The earth is shaking. Get out while you can!
  • If it’s shaking, it’s probably a big one!
  • Earthquakes are a reminder to live with love.
  • Earthquakes happen. It’s time to get ready.
  • Earthquake insurance? We’ve got you covered!
  • Earthquakes are a natural disaster. Stay safe.
  • If you see a fire, leave the area immediately.
  • Stay safe during an earthquake: know the signs.
  • Earthquake: the biggest risk you’ll ever face.
  • Earthquakes are not a danger. They are a warning.
  • When an earthquake hits, don’t be afraid to run!
  • Be prepared-for the biggest earthquake in history.
  • You’re never too old to learn about earthquakes.
  • Stay informed and prepared for the next earthquake.
  • Earthquakes: the warning signs you should know about
  • Stay calm during an earthquake. It’ll pass quickly
  • Stay connected to your loved ones during an earthquake.



Frequently Asked Questions about Earthquake Slogans


What is the slogan for earthquakes?

Here are the slogans for earthquakes:

  1. Vibrations on earth come immediately in an open ground
  2. We Need a Stricter Richter
  3. You better wake when there is a shake
  4. Get high when you see the smoke fly
  5. Always Aware, Always Prepared
  6. Earthquake drill – stay safe!
  7. Earthquakes happen. Be prepared.
  8. Earthquake warning. Be prepared.
  9. This is your warning. Be prepared!
  10. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.


What is the three word earthquake motto?

“Drop, Cover, and Hold” alerts people to protect themselves during earthquakes, and aftershocks.  Stay away from heavy furniture and items that can fall on the floor. Helps to reduce the risk and boost the unity among people.


What is the earthquake drill saying?

“Drop, Cover, and Hold On” is an earthquake drill saying enables people to survive indoors and outdoors. Educate people on what to do when earthquakes strike  when they are locked inside buildings, homes, and cars.


What is the slogan for safety precautions before during and after an earthquake?

Before an earthquake “Be wary of earthquake! “ and during the earthquake “Life matters, seek for high grounds to save yourself! “ and after the earthquake “Clench your fist, we will recover together!” slogans are used.


What are the slogans for disaster awareness?

Here are the slogans about disaster awareness:

  1. Safety begins with you
  2. Fess up if you mess up
  3. Be aware of slips and trips
  4. Never forget about safety
  5. Be Aware Take Care
  6. Safety is no accident
  7. Think safety avoid unsafe acts
  8. We value life above everything
  9. Prepare be aware
  10. Zero compromise towards safety


What are the slogans for prevention of disasters?

Here are the emergency, disaster, and prevention slogans:

  1.  Don’t Wait, Prepare Today!
  2. Be Prepared, Not Scared!
  3. Stay Ready, Stay Safe!
  4. Emergency Preparedness Starts with You!
  5. Safety First, Always!
  6. Be a Hero, Be Prepared!
  7. Prepare for the Worst, Hope for the Best!
  8. Disaster Can Strike Anytime, Are You Ready?
  9. Don’t Wait for Disaster to Strike, Be Ready!
  10. Be a Survivor, Not a Victim!



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