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24 Catchy Earthquake Slogans

Below are the 24 Catchy Earthquake Slogans. Share them with your friends.


  • Know Disaster, no Disaster


  • Vibrations on earth come immediately in an open ground

  • Always Aware, Always Prepared


  • Mind the cracks

  • Prepare because u care

  • Prepare before it’s too late


  • Time and tide waits for none

  • This Earthquake might just be your last


  • 6.9 Quakes Does Massive Damage

  • Shaking Things up — The Great Earthquake of 1995

  • Ready for an Emergency? You can be

  • Stop the shakes, be careful of earthquakes


  • Don`t be lazy! Shake before it shakes!!Take care!!

  • Duck in cover!

  • Let’s Survive a 6.5

  • We Need a Stricter Richter

  • You better wake when there is a shake

  • Get high when you see the smoke fly

  • Be up to date or it would be the last date you’ll be up

  • When volcano roar, get up and prepare to roll

  • Get under the table, or you’ll end up as a label

  • Stop, drop, and role – or be put in a hole

  • Stay alert, don’t get hurt

  • Earthquake can turn you off
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