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100 Best Company Slogans & Taglines Ever



In this post, we are going to share with you a list of 100+ Best Company Slogans & Taglines of all time.

See how these brands are using catchy & memorable words to grab the attention of their potential customers. Using slogans, they are also impressing a certain image of their brand in the minds their customers. Slogans if created cleverly can stick into the minds of people for a long period of time and can easily influence customers buying decisions.


Company Slogans & Taglines


Adidas:   Adidas is All in.

Adidas Slogan


Amazon:   And You’r Done.

Amazon Slogan-Company slogan


Apple:   Think Different.

Apple Slogan-Company slogans


BMW:   The Ultimate Driving Machine.

BMW Slogan-Company Slogans


Coca Cola:   Taste The Feeling.

Coca cola Slogan-Company Slogans


Disney:   The Happiest Place On Earth.

Disney Slogan-Company Slogans


Dollar Shave Club:   Shave Time. Shave Money.

Dollar Shave Club Slogan-Company Slogans


FaceBook:   It’s Free and Always Will Be!

Facebook Slogan-Company Slogans


GE:   Imagination at Work.

GE Slogan-Company Slogans


Google:   Don’t be Evil.

google Slogan-Company Slogans


IBM:   Think.

IBM Slogan-Company Slogans


IMAX:   Think Big.

IMAX Slogan-Company Slogans


Intel:   Look inside.

Intel Slogan-Company Slogans


McDonald’s:   I’m Lovin’ It.

McDonald's slogan-Company Slogans


Mercedes benz:   The Best or Nothing.

Mercedes Slogan-Company Slogans


Microsoft:   Be what’s next.

Microsoft Slogan-Company Slogans


Nike:   Just Do It!

Nike Slogan-Company Slogans


Reebok:   I am What i am.

Reebok Slogan-Company Slogans


Samsung:   Imagine.

Samsung Slogan-Company Slogans


Toyota:   Let’s Go Places.

Toyota Slogan-Company Slogans


Walmart:   Save money. Live Batter.

Walmart Slogan-Company Slogans


California Milk Processor Board:   Got Milk?


Tesco:   Every Little Helps.


M&M:   Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands.


Bounty:   The Quicker Picker Upper.


De Beers:   A Diamond is Forever.


Lay’s:   Betcha Can’t Eat Just One.


Audi:   Advancement Through Technology.


Dunkin’ Donuts:   America Runs on Dunkin.


McDonald’s:   I’m Lovin’ It.


General Electric:   Imagination at Work.


Verizon:   Can You Hear Me Now? Good.


L’Oréal:   Because You’re Worth It.


The National Lottery:   It Could be You.


Du Pont:   The miracles of Science.


Ebay:   Buy it. Sell it. Love it.


Dixon:   The Last Place You Want To Go.


Nintendo 64:   Get N or Get Out.


Metropolitan Life:   You have met Life Today?


Diesel Jeans:   Be Stupid.


United Airlines:   Fly The Friendly Sky.


Jaguar:   Grace, Space, pace.


M&M:   Melt in your Mouth not in your Hands.


Visa:   It’s Everywhere u want to be.


Burger King:   Have it your Way.


Maxwell House:   Good to the last Drop.


Vodafone:   Make the most no Now.


Olympus:   Your Vision our Future.


Electronic Arts:   Challenge Everything.


Subway:   Eat Fresh.


Sony:   Make Believe.


Tag Heuer:   Success. It’s a Mind Game.


Nokia:   Connecting People.


Levi’s:   Quality Never Goes out Of Style.


Kodak:   Share Moments. Share Life.


Abbey National:   Because life’s Complected enough.


Ajax:   Stronger than dirt.


Holiday Inn:   Pleasing people over the World.


Porsche:   There is no Substitute.


Nikon:   At the heart of image.


3M:   Innovation.


Canon:   See what we Mean.


Blogger:   Push button Publishing.


Volkswagon:   Think Small.


IT Company Slogans


Hewlett-Packard (HP) – Make it matter


IBM – Think IBM


Microsoft – Making it all make sense


Google – Don’t be evil


Intel – Sponsors of tomorrow


Panasonic – Let’s Live Life Better


More IT Company Slogans


Security Company Slogans


Isecurity Services – Keeping an eye on things


Rapid Action – Your Trusted Security Company


BritsafeThe professional approach to security


VV Security Agency – Safe, Secure, Service


Northern Security Services – Trust us with your business, We will guard you with ours


Gold Security Guard ServicesYour safety is our first priority


More Security Company Slogans


Insurance Company Slogans


Allstate Insurance – You’re in good hands


AXA Insurance – Redefining standards


Transamerica – Transform tomorrow


Aflac – We’ve got you under our wing


Allianz – Insurance solutions from A to Z


Guardian Life – Enriching the lives of people, we touch


Western National Insurance – The relationship company


More Insurance Company Slogans


Window Cleaning Company Slogans


A new beginning. A clean start.


Will brighten your day


Taking cleaning to another level


Leave it to us


You’ll like what you see!


The ultimate shine


More Window Cleaning Company Slogans & Taglines


Paralegal Company Slogans


The Art of Law


A legal career without the law degree


Paralegal. The Real Power Of Attorney


Keep Calm And Call A Paralegal


Our Mission Is Your Success


My Practice is Your Solution


More Paralegal Company Slogans


Carpet Cleaning Service Slogans


No job is too Large or Too Small


For a deeper, faster drying carpet cleaning


A cloud above the rest


Quick professional carpet cleaning at a fair price


When only the best will do


Our reputation is Spot-Less!


More Carpet Cleaning Slogans


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