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900 Catchy Restaurant Slogans Ideas & Best Restaurant Taglines



These are the Creative Restaurant Slogans Ideas. Restaurants are in great competition with each other’s and focusing on new ideas with food. When someone develops a restaurant with a certain brand, they should focus on two things

  1. Brand Name
  2. Brand Slogan

Slogans are essential for your product, services, and for your company. It develops an interest in your customers for your product. The importance of a catchy tagline or an advertising slogan should not be underestimated. When you want to do something good, you should follow a catchy and dream slogan. 



Restaurant Slogan Ideas

Here we have listed short and long restaurant slogan ideas. You can pick any of them for your business. These are ideas, so you may add your spice to these; otherwise, most of the slogans are good to go with.


Eat fast


Live more


Cool food


Eat Fresh


Tasty jobs


Eat and Go


Crazy food


31 flavors


True taste


Pasta disco


Choose Well


Just wow…


Taste house


Easy to eat


Let’s meat


Better pizza


Come on Home


The hot food


Dreamy Taste


Kid’s food


Simply green


Fish & cheap


Wish and eat


Taste matters


Eat different


We love light


Eat and enjoy


Eat and dream


The pig house


We love spicy


Made in Italy


Fresh is best


Fast good food


Love our taste


Food ‘n Roll


Want to eat me


The crazy chef


Restaurant Slogan


Feel the taste


The magic grill


Eat responsibly


The food lovers


Made with flour


We sell flavors


Made in kitchen


Expect the best


Home-made pasta


The den of chefs


Our soup is best


Flavor explosion


We know our food


See you tomorrow


Only for foodies


Just have a seat


License to grill


We serve passion


The house of soup


Restaurant Slogan


Devour the night!


You’re the Boss


The chicken house


Chase the flavors


Stop, eat and go!


Chefs for passion


Cheap but healthy


For hungry people


Like Mom’s house


It’s better here


Home of tasty fish


Welcome to Paradise


Head for the Border


Restaurant Taglines


We know how to cook


The light diet food


Food at first sight


Greasy and greasier


Eat with your hands


The best or nothing


Eat outside the box


I know what good is


Food, Folks and Fun


We like to eat well


Now you’re eating!


Speak with the taste


As nature teaches us


An oasis of pleasure


Find someone like us


The taste from space


We do what you fancy


It is never too spicy


Taste is our language


Wake up with the King


We listen to the food


The flavors of nature


Quality is our Recipe


The court of gluttons


Finger Lickin’ Good


Taste is our identity


Smart food, Good food


Listen to your palate


Without us, tasteless


Restaurant Taglines


Listen to your tongue


Eat healthy, Live more


Expensive but the best


Good time, Great taste


The good taste of food


The natural light food


Paradise on your plate


America Runs On Dunkin


Rock ‘n Roll with us


It’s Good Mood Food!


Spicy like your friend



Catchy Restaurant Slogans

Looking for some scroll-stopping slogans for your restaurants? Here you go, we have listed the catchy restaurant slogans here for your restaurant business.


A taste of Baja.


Hasty and tasty!


Focus on the food


The green cuisine


The perfect pasta


We’re on a roll


Food with attitude


We saved you a seat!


Flavors for royalty.


What can we get you?


Good food. Good mood.


Foodies welcome here.


Obsessed with oregano!


The future of tradition


The greasier the better


From the farm to the pan


Best Food for Fast Times


Live the eat clean dream


Restaurant Slogan 1


Eat healthy, live better


Welcome to home of taste


You deserve a break today


Experience the great food


You are in good tentacles


The good side of the food


We don’t play with food


Food that gets you going.


Bringing class to cuisine.


The secret is at the table


From the pan into the fire


What are you eating today?


I Want Taco Bell in English


Live longer with fresh food


We’re out to win you over


You can’t it eat just one


Food that makes you say wow.


The food that lengthens life


This is a luxury restaurant!


Fresh chicken healthy chicken


Choose and taste to your place


Char-grilled and flavor-filled


Get the door. It’s Domino’s


You’re in good hands with us.


You can’t eat here just once.


Something hot. Something tasty.


We speak the good food language


Where the flavor inebriates you


Our burgers are waiting for you.


If you’re gonna go, go all out


A pinch of passion in every dish.


One thousand flavors in one place


A tasty burger is what you deserve


Where food speaks with your palate


We’ve got something for everyone.


Hundreds of flavors under one roof.


Deliciousness jumping into the mouth


If gluttony is a sin, welcome to hell


The pleasure of variety on your plate


The pleasure of finding the difference


Never fear, we’ve got burgers and beer!


Whatever the question, sushi is the answer.


The 3 P’s — pizza, pasta, and pastries!


If you don’t lick your fingers, enjoy only half


Restaurant Tagline Ideas

Here are some restaurant tagline ideas.


Raw is law.


Do the salsa!


Eat and drink


Ready to roll


Your grub hub


First, we eat.


Buon appetito.


Always on time


Pizza with love


The taste place


Restaurant Slogan 2


The pizza makers


We are everywhere


Sushi with a smile


Come take-o a taco!


Fun. Family. Fiesta.


Italian is for lovers.


Eat clean — eat green.


Line caught. Hand rolled.


Here is The Italian Pizza


Santa, all I want is food.


Winner winner burger dinner


The secret is at the table.


Grab life by the spicy food.


Abuela says you look hungry.


A little joy between two buns


You say magic. We say Mexican.


Eat right. Work hard. Feel good.


Celebrating the ocean’s bounty.


Your special occasion destination


You are what you eat, so eat right


When you’re here, you’re family.


Our pasta is fresh, our wine is old.


There’s no place like restaurant name


It’s never early to order a burger again.


If it were any fresher, it would be swimming


The official choice of health nuts everywhere.


Funny Restaurant Slogans

Just vow


Kale yeah!


Scent of fish


We speak fish


Already ready


So fast so hot


Meat you here!


The foodie food


Restaurant Slogan 3


Good tastes good


The whole enchilada


Eat outside the box.


Your sushi sanctuary


Grab life by the fork.


Your belly knows best.


Spot-fixing with taste.


No mercy to the chicken.


Your hunger’s at steak!


Make the love with flavor


Real food, not rabbit food


Every burger holds a smile


Santa, all I want is pizza.


Chicken dinner is a winner.


Sushi: Cheaper than therapy.


We bet you won’t find better


No one can compete with our meat


Pasta is our favorite food group.


Life’s too short for boring food


Beans and rice and everything nice.


It’s not a dish without the fish!


We’re hot and spicy… literally!


Line caught for a sustainable future.


Eat a lot today (and again tomorrow).


Burgers! Because no great story started with salad.


For every special occasion, there’s restaurant name



Modern Restaurant Slogans

Looking for some modern restaurant slogans for your newly launched or already running restaurants? Here we have covered our best picks for you.


Food with a story


Food for all moods


Where America eats!


Good food, good mood


Because food matters


Eat, drink, socialize


Restaurant Slogan 4


Good to the last drop


Farm to table excellence


Excellence on every level


Come hungry come back soon


Always fresh, never frozen


Have an appetite for life!


Food that feels like a hug


Find your seat at the table


That perfect meal in a bowl


Don’t compromise with food


Serving the best food in town


Elegance comes in all flavors


Good food never looked so good


Be adventurous, try new things


Have you had your break today?


When your munchies are calling


Our food brings people together


Fresh from the farm to your table


We put your health above all else


We serve up style with every bite


Delicious food can fix any problem


A place for food lovers to connect


Good food takes time…we have time


Try one bite and you’ll be hooked


Come for the food, stay for the fun


Restaurant Slogan 5


Don’t just eat out…eat outta town!


Good food, better drinks, best service


The only item on the menu is deliciousness


Feed your belly with something special today!


The restaurant with the most buzz of the year!


A sumptuous, original menu in a unique setting


In this post, you will find 150+ restaurant slogans and taglines ideas.



Famous Restaurant Slogans

Here we have a collection of all-time famous restaurant slogans that are used by well-known brands all over the world.




i’m lovin’ it


What you want is what you get


There’s a little McDonald’s, in everyone.


Did somebody say McDonald’s?


We love to see you smile


KFC Slogans

There’s Fast Food, Then There’s KFC


Life tastes better with KFC


Buy a bucket of chicken and have a barrel of fun


Burger King Slogans

Have it your way


The fire’s ready


Your Way, Right Away


America Loves Burgers and We’re America’s Burger King


Burger King, Home of the Whopper


It Takes two hands to hold a Whopper



Where the food’s the star.


Come on Home.


Delicious Food. To fit your lifestyle.


It’s How You Cook ‘Em That Counts


Hurry On Down to Hardees – Where the Burgers are Charbroiled


Best Eatin’ in Town, Up and Down and All Around


Where Good People Go for Good Food


Are You Ready for Some Real Food?


Fresh from the kitchen at Hardee’s


Where the food’s the star




Make a run for the border


Fourth Meal


Why Pay More!?


“Yo Quiero Taco Bell” (I Want Taco Bell in English)


Live Mas (means live more)



SUBWAY Slogans


The Way A Sandwich Should Be


Fresh is What We Do.


The Place Where Fresh is the Taste


What a Sandwich


Right Before Your Eyes


Think Fresh. Eat Fresh.


If you are eating at Subway, then you areeating fresh




Make it great


Makin’ it great again and again


Gather ‘Round the Good Stuff



Pizza deliver experts


You got 30 minutes


Domino’s. The Pizza Delivery Experts


WENDY’S Slogans

Do what tastes right


Where’s the Beef?


It’s better than fast food…It’s Wendy’s


ARBY’S Slogans

Slicing up freshness


Now That Your Tastes Have Grown Up!


I’m thinking different, I’m thinking Arby’s.


Dairy Queen Slogans

Do something different.


Hot Eats, Cool Treats


So Good It’s RiDQulous 


Carl’s Jr Slogans

 If it doesn’t get all over the place, It doesn’t belong in your face.


 Some guys, don’t do 49 cent Tuesdays


 Without us, some guys would starve


 At Carl’s Jr., you’re into something good!


 Don’t bother me, I’m eating


Making people happy through food




Kentucky Fried Chicken Slogans

There’s Fast Food, Then There’s KFC. 


We do chicken right. 


Buy a bucket of chicken and have a barrel of fun.


Checkers Drive In Burgers Slogans


High Performance Human Fuel


 Little place. BIG TASTE.


 Feast On


Indian Restaurant Taglines

From Aloo to Zeera.


Our spices have a story.


Relish the taste of India.


When spices start speaking.


Taste the beauty of biryani.


The food that lengthens life.


Enjoy the taste of our spices.


Quality food for quality people.


Food, Folks, and Fun all together.


Taking tandoori to the next level.


For exotic cuisines and bold flavors.


India’s finest chain of restaurants.


We have the best tandoori oven in town.


Restaurant Slogan 6


We serve the best Indian curry in town.


The sauce is the soul of our restaurant.


It’s more than food, it’s an experience.


Quality Indian cuisine at affordable prices.


Relish the flavors of spices from Rajasthan.


Fresh ingredients are our secret ingredient.


You’ll wonder how you ever lived without us.


When you’re looking to spice things up a bit.


You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.


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