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23 Creative Chlorine Slogan Ideas



Chlorine was discovered and first isolated by Carl Wilhelm Scheele in 1774. It was first recognized as an element by Humphry Davy in 1808. Chlorine is a chemical element with symbol Cl and atomic number 17. 

Below are the 23 Creative Chlorine Slogan Ideas for chemistry assignments and for science projects. Also good for familiarization with Chlorine and can be used in advertisements. Share them with your friends. 


The only element, that’s gonna clean your pool

It’s seventeen, It’s Chlorine

Chlorine can do it

No one can clean like chlorine

Chlorine, never alone

Chlorine since 1774

Chlorine, The next stop

You can never do it like Chlorine

Be the first like Chlorine

Chlorine, It’s in the bleach

Believe in Chlorine

The world needs Chlorine

Go far with Chlorine

Be clean – Be Chlorine

Live like Chlorine

Chlorine the wise choice

Chlorine always win

Salty Chlorine

Go clean – Go for Chlorine

Chlorine does the job

Chlorine is Chlorine

Chlorine, It’s in the salt

Keep clean with chlorine


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