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37 Candy Store Slogans & Candy Shop Slogans

Below is a list of 37 Candy Store Slogans & Candy Shop Slogans and taglines.


Satisfy your sweet tooth here.

Sweetness Counts.

Munch a bunch of sweeties.

I am sweet for you.

The candy store candy.

Let us sweeten your day.

try a little sweetness.

Don’t hold back.

Chockies are us.

We can sweeten your day.

Crunch munch, it’s all here.

Make your day a little sweeter.

One for the road! Two for the sweet tooth.

Where Everything’s Sweet!

Often Licked but Never Beaten.

Come lick the lollypop at the Lollipop Shop.

Our candies are jolly.

Land of sweets galore!

Best Candy in the Land.

Your one stop sweet spot.

How Sweet it is.

Your heart’s desire.

A slice of heaven.

The way you remember candy.

Buy our candy and get free teeth rotting.

Satisfy your sweet tooth come to candy land.

If you liked candy man you’ll love candy land.

Its better then beauty, its CANDY!

Candy than makes men happy.

Have candy have-sweet dreams.

For every candy craver there’s a jar of craving candies!

Where nothing sweet is overlooked.

Where everything sweet is considered.

Heaven on Earth.

Let Us Cure Your Sweet Tooth.

Candy will never be the same.

Want to feel powerful?

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