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250 World Sparrow Day Slogans, Sparrow Day Quotes, Messages

Every year on March 20, people celebrate World Sparrow Day to promote awareness regarding sparrow protection. Because of how adorable these little birds are, we are thrilled about this international day and writing this article, and we know you will be, too, when you find the absolute best World Sparrow Day slogans here. Although Sparrows are known to chirp away in backyards and green spaces in metropolitan areas, sparrows or house sparrows need cool shade and drink during the hot summers.

They have traditionally been rather numerous in residential areas but, according to ornithologists, are in danger of going extinct because of noise pollution, lack of nesting grounds in our so-called developed urban settings, pesticide use, and lack of food. For this very reason, this day is celebrated so the earth doesn’t lose another beautiful bird specie.

The inaugural International Sparrow Day was first observed in 2010 all across the world.


World Sparrow Day Slogans

Share these World Sparrow Day slogans with your friends and family. Remind them that they need to do something for these precious Sparrows who make our earth a much more beautiful place just by existing.

Let us help to give sparrows a healthy habitat where they can wake up every morning and fill the atmosphere with their sweet chirping. Happy World Sparrow Day.


Save sparrows before it is too late.


Save the Sparrows


Protect our feathered friends!


Chirpy sparrows give a lot of pleasure,


always conserve this golden treasure


Sparrows are rapidly fading away;


can’t we help them in some way?


It’s no fun to be endangered;


It’s our duty,


to save earth’s beauty


Make a revolution,


to reduce radiation


Sparrows make you smile,


let them live for a while


show you care, don’t be a stranger.


Only if we understand… we can care;


Let’s save these little angels


They are just safe places to live. Save sparrows.


Let us give them a friendly environment to grow.


Sparrows need humans to help them survive.


Sparrows are the friendly house birds we have always loved.


Not hearing sparrows around us is a threat to this planet.


Let us save their habitat before it’s late. Let us save sparrows.


Sparrows need our love, attention, and healthy habitat.


Don’t let sparrows become a memory.


Protecting sparrows is what we need to do right now.


Don’t let another species of God’s creation get extinguished on your watch.


Protect and save the sparrows. I wish you a very happy World Sparrow Day.


Make the environment near you more sustainable, healthy, and safe, and ensure that sparrows can survive again.


world sparrow day slogans



Top 10 World Sparrow Day Slogans

  1. A sparrow in hand is better than a bustard on the wing.
  2. Two sparrows on one ear of corn make an ill agreement.
  3. There are twenty-five uncaught sparrows for a penny.
  4. A sparrow in hand is worth more than a vulture flying.
  5. Better a sparrow in the hand than a pigeon on the roof.
  6. Only heaven can see the back of a sparrow.
  7. If the cat had wings all sparrows would die.
  8. A sparrow in hand is better than a cock on the roof.
  9. Sparrows should not dance with cranes, their legs are too short.
  10. A sparrow suffers as much when it breaks its leg as does a Flanders horse.


Top 10 World Sparrow Day Slogans



Short Sparrow Slogans

This section is for you if you are a fan of small and short slogans just like sparrows.

Here are some Cool Short Sparrow Slogans


Let’s save these Cuties


Save our chirpy friends


Save our tiny friends


I am a bird, not a pest


Sparrows are God’s natural drones


It’s time to feed some sparrows!


Save our thirsty friends! Keep water for sparrows


Everyone is unique and important. Save our Sparrows


Short Sparrow Slogans



Unique Sparrow Day Slogans


Only if we care… will we help;


Only if we help… they shall be saved


Sparrows look great when they fly,


don’t let our chirpy friends die


Save sparrows and bees,


stop cutting down the trees


Best Sparrow Quotes and Sayings


No fruits, no sparrows, no beautiful song;


without trees, we cannot live for long


Don’t kill sparrows blindly,


save them very kindly


Too cute to die! Save the Sparrow


Save these amazing creatures


Protect and respect


Say No to chemical fertilizers & pesticides


Let’s save sparrows


Act before it vanishes forever


I love sparrows, Do you?


Let’s join hands to save sparrows


Don’t let me disappear


Together we can save sparrows


Will your grandchildren see a live sparrow?


Save sparrow, Save life… Save planet


Live & let life


Trees and sparrows are made for each other.


Without them, the world will not be the same. Save Sparrow


Save the sparrows before they start living just in our stories.


Nature is not against Sparrows, why are you?


Unique Sparrow Day Slogans



Slogans For World Sparrow Day


Once the sparrow is history, it won’t repeat itself…


Don’t let the sparrows go missing from the planet. Save them.


Sparrows look just so cute;


protect them without any dispute


Poor Sparrows are losing their habitat;


Let’s save forests, don’t just chitchat


Keep calm & save the sparrow


Have a heart, and do your part. Save the sparrow.


Fight for the sparrow’s right


Being ‘Extinct’ Stinks!


Extinction is forever


If sparrows are lost,


we will pay the cost.


Let’s unite as one,


saving sparrows is just so fun


Help save their existence,


sparrows need your assistance


For the sparrows, you must fight,


so they won’t disappear out of sight


Slogans For World Sparrow Day



Best Sparrow Day Slogans


An eagle’s old age is better than a sparrow’s youth.


An eagle’s old age is worth a sparrow’s youth.


The sparrow flying behind the hawk thinks the hawk is fleeing.


An upstart is a sparrow eager to marry a hornbill.


He who is frightened of a sparrow will never sow barley.


Who fears the sparrows must not sow millet?


The owl tells the sparrow that her head is big.


How can swallows and sparrows know the thoughts of a great swan?


Though they live to be a hundred, sparrows do not forget their dance.


He shoots at sparrows with a high-caliber gun.


Sparrows cannot be caught by beating a drum.


Even the sparrows chirp it.


The Sparrows quarrel over somebody else’s millet.


Old sparrows are ill to tame.


The sparrow feels comfortable on the thorn bush.


Best Sparrow Day Slogans



World Sparrow Day Quotes

Even though these little munchkins do not need so much effort to convince the world that they need saving, some quotes to inspire individuals of all age groups will substantially impact our efforts to save these birdies.

Here is a list of Inspiring World Sparrow Day Quotes.


“Sparrow goes jogging with the kids: Since it’s Saturday, go for an early morning local sparrow walk. Remember to bring binoculars and a camera with you.”


“It’s past time to recognize the frightening rate at which sparrows are disappearing from our environment. Happy World Day!”


“On this World Sparrow Day, remember the delightful chirping sound of a sparrow in your heart and take an effort to save them.”


“Sparrows would always make us happy while they were playing in our gardens or relaxing on our balcony. On this World Sparrow Day, we wish you all the best.”


“The chirping of sparrows made us delighted every time. It’s past time to safeguard our tame domestic birds. Happy World Sparrow Day!”


“Donate now to help save the magnificent morning bird sparrow’s habitat before it’s too late. Happy World Sparrow Day!”


“Save and protect our natural habitat while you still have the chance. Happy World Sparrow Day!”


“It is time to wake up to the alarming rate at which sparrows are going missing from our surroundings. Happy World Sparrow Day.”


“Sparrows would always make us feel happy playing in our gardens or spending some good time on our balconies. Warm wishes on World Sparrow Day.”


“We can still save them before it is too late. They are waiting for us to work towards protecting them. Wishing you a very Happy World Sparrow Day.”


“Sparrows have always been the cutest house birds we have grown up seeing around us. Let us save them to stay in our environment. Happy World Sparrow Day.”


“The chirpy sound of sparrows would always make us happy. It is time to save our friendly house birds. Happy World Sparrow Day.”


“Let us work in synergy to make our environment a healthier and happier place for sparrows to live. Warm wishes on World Sparrow Day.”


“On the occasion of World Sparrow Day, we must react to the perishing sparrows. It is time that we protect them by giving them a safe place to live happily.”


World Sparrow Day Quotes



World Sparrow Day Messages

Share this with everyone on March 20th to celebrate World Sparrow Day. These messages are sure to get some Here are the best World Sparrow Day messages


While you still have the chance to save and safeguard our natural habitat.


Sparrows are not territorial in nature; unlike they are protective and build their nests.


Always make us happy playing in our gardens and have a good time on our balconies.


We can still save them before it is too late. They are waiting for us to work towards protecting them.


The chirping of sparrows always makes us happy. And It’s past time to protect our domesticated birds.


House sparrows can live in urban or rural settings because they are strongly associated with human habitations.


While you still have the chance to save and safeguard our natural habitat. Happy International Sparrow Day!


Make a donation today to help safeguard the habitat of the exquisite morning bird sparrow before it’s too late. Happy International Sparrow Day!


World Sparrow Day Messages



How to Celebrate World Sparrow Day

Foster a sparrow:

To safeguard the charming bird, build nests, provide water for sparrows in the summer, and install bird feeders in parks or other open spaces. They’ll undoubtedly value it.


Spread knowledge about sparrows:

Organize a sparrow festival and lectures to raise awareness and educate people about sparrows. Include activities like a treasure hunt, a photographic competition, and sparrow poetry.


Plan excursions and walks

  • Plan a trip to see sparrows with your friends and family;
  • feed the birds;
  • document the experience with photos, and make lovely stickers or posters.

Beautiful memories can be made now.


Frequently Asked Questions/FAQs

What Day Is World Sparrow Day?

World Sparrow Day is marked annually on March 20th to increase public awareness and safeguard house sparrows.


What Is the Theme of World Sparrow Day?

“I Love Sparrows” seems to be the theme for World Sparrow Day 2023. It was motivated by the desire for more people to understand the significance of interactions between humans and sparrows. The theme’s main objective is to highlight people’s love of sparrows and the seemingly insignificant things they do to significantly improve the birds’ lives. Sparrows are such a common bird that everyone has probably seen one. In the past few years, sparrows have been spotted everywhere in homes, public spaces, railroad stations, etc. While little insects and grain fragments were once the only food sources for this sparrow, their preservation is now crucial.


What Is the Importance of Sparrows?

Sparrows are important to our ecology since nothing in our world, no matter how small, is ever useless. All things are connected. Sparrows provide food for birds and other organisms higher up the food chain and disperse seeds to various locations while eating fruits and berries, which is crucial for germination. Sparrows aid in the survival of numerous plants that are providers in the environment by dispersing seeds. Moreover, sparrows consume tiny worms and insects, some of which are harmful to crops and plants. So, sparrows contribute significantly to the conservation of the environment by regulating the population among these insects and worms.


What Is the Meaning of World Sparrow Day?

The house sparrow is a bird we all can relate to. In the past, they lived in colonies in almost every home in the neighborhood and open spaces like bus stops and train stations, subsisting on grains of food and tiny worms. The house sparrow conjures up many great memories for many of us. Regrettably, the populations of these birds are rapidly dwindling, and they are on the verge of going extinct. Every year on March 20th, World Sparrow Day is marked to increase public awareness and protect house sparrows. In 2010, the inaugural World Sparrow Day was held.

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