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111 Catchy Wedding Planner Slogans for Marketing & Advertising



Are you a wedding planner company or looking for some catchy wedding slogans to paste on sign boards for your own wedding? Congrats you landed on the right article. In this article, we have created a list of Wedding Planner Slogans, and catchy wedding slogans for advertising and marketing.


Best Wedding Slogans

  • Our passion is your perfect event
  • Showering Love, One Event at a Time
  • This love was written in the stars.
  • Our Love Story: Our Unique Song
  • Cherish, Love, Celebrate
  • Making events come alive
  • Enchanting Brides, One Gown at a Time
  • On-trend Weddings for On-point Couples
  • Best Party Ever – Guaranteed!
  • Two hearts. One life.
  • Married. Hitched. Tied the knot.
  • Thinking Outside the Bouquet
  • Elegance in Every Detail
  • Laughing All the Way to I Do
  • Crafting Forever Moments
  • Hand in Hand, Heart in Heart


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Wedding Planner Slogans

  • We build your dream around you
  • Love, Laughter, and Cool Ever After
  • Let The Night Be Gin
  • Breaking the Wedding Mold, Fashionably
  • Crafting Weddings, Crafting Memories
  • Your Love, Our Craftsmanship
  • Dancing into Forever, Together
  • Classy Weddings, Lasting Impressions
  • Marriage: The Craziest Adventure
  • Love Unveiled
  • From set-up to clean-up
  • Showering Love and Laughter
  • Celebrating IQ and I Do
  • Cherishing Bridal Shower Moments


Wedding Tagline Examples

  1. Bridal Elegance in Every Thread
  2. Designing Love, Crafting Bliss
  3. Love Never Looked So Cute
  4. Celebrate in Style, Shower in Elegance
  5. Cherish Every Moment, Forever
  6. Creating Timeless Moments
  7. Elevating Your Love Experience
  8. Cool Weddings, Extraordinary Moments
  9. Creating Timeless Wedding Moments
  10. Crafting Love, Crafting Moments


Catchy Marriage Slogans

  • Love Sparks. We Ignite.
  • Turning Love Dreams into Reality
  • Say I Do, Our Love Rings True
  • Our tomorrow begins today.
  • Your Love, Our Canvas
  • Crafting the Perfect Love Story
  • Hugs, Kisses, and Happily Ever After
  • Gowns that Make Memories
  • From ‘I Do’ to ‘Happily Ever After’
  • Choose a Seat Not a Side
  • Celebrating Love, Making Magic
  • Your Dream, Our Expertise
  • A stylish wedding begins with us
  • Bringing dreams to life


Wedding Slogans For Last Names

  • Where Love Begins
  • Where Love Meets Perfection
  • Life is an event. Make it memorable.
  • Love in Every Stitch
  • Celebrate Your Love Story with Us
  • Unveiling the Love Story
  • Be a guest at your own event
  • Bridal Elegance Redefined
  • You Had Me At Merlot
  • Gowns as Unique as Your Love
  • Make Memories, One I Do at a Time
  • Your Dream Shower, Our Dedication
  • Turning Vows into Memories
  • Celebrate Life, Let Love Erase Strife
  • Crafting Forever Love
  • Bridal Showers, Crafted with Care



Wedding Slogans With Names

  • Making Dreams Take Flight
  • Your Perfect Love Story
  • Designing Love, Crafting Happiness
  • Two Hearts, One Love
  • Turning Dreams into Reality
  • Bridal Elegance, Simply You
  • Say I Do to Unforgettable Moments
  • Making Love Beautifully
  • Hand in Hand, Heart to Heart.
  • From Two Stories to One Fairytale.
  • Where Love Sparkles and Shines
  • Head over heels now and always.
  • Bridal Gowns, Crafted with Love
  • Your Love, Our Masterpiece
  • Be Our Guest




Beach Wedding Slogans

  • Be the Coolest Couple in Town
  • It’s all in the details
  • Where Bridal Dreams Come True
  • Making Love and Math Coexist
  • I choose you. Now and always.
  • Where your ideas take off
  • Where Your Love Shines Bright
  • Where Cute Meets Forever
  • Where Fairytales Become a Reality
  • Embrace Love, Embrace Life
  • Bridal Bliss, Designed Delightfully
  • Happily Ever After Starts Here
  • Where Clever Meets Forever
  • Your Love, Our Expertise
  • Love Unveiled, Celebrations Prevail



Funny Wedding Slogans

  • Love in Every Detail
  • An elegant events company
  • Then they rode off into the sunset.
  • Love’s Symphony, Perfectly Tuned.
  • Innovation Meets Matrimony
  • Love Conquers All
  • Crafting Love, One Detail at a Time
  • Where Love Meets Elegance
  • Elegance in Every Moment
  • Embrace the Bridal Romance
  • Leave the Boring Stuff to Us
  • Your Love, Our Inspiration
  • Bridal Shower Perfection, Guaranteed
  • Bridal Glamour, Captured
  • United in Love
  • Love Tailored Just for You




Cute Wedding Slogans

  • Bridal Magic, Woven with Care
  • Crafting Love Stories, One Wedding at a Time
  • Extraordinary events delivered
  • They happen to be our business.
  • Our Love Story Unfolds
  • Cherishing Bridal Moments
  • Cool Weddings, Hot Celebrations
  • Little Hearts, Big Celebrations
  • Creating Love-Filled Moments
  • Hooray, It’s Today!
  • From Vows to WOW
  • Your Bridal Vision, Our Gown
  • Bridal Beauty, Beyond Compare



Destination Wedding Slogans

  • Vintage Vibes and Modern Love
  • Capturing Moments, Creating Memories
  • Keep Calm and Marry On
  • Chill Vibes and Warm Hearts
  • Love, Laughter, and Cute Ever After
  • Vows and Wows
  • Wine, Dine, and Say I Do
  • Creating Moments of Joy
  • Coolness Personified, Love Embodied
  • Your Love, Our Expert Touch
  • Rest Your Rear
  • The Epitome of Bridal Style
  • Unveil the Ultimate Bridal Shower




Indian Wedding Slogans

  • An Unforgettable Celebration of Love
  • Our Love Story Begins
  • Embrace Your Bridal Grace
  • Where Love Becomes a Wonderland
  • Promising Quietly, Loving Loudly
  • Capturing the Essence of Refined Love
  • Your Shower, Our Expertise
  • Unearth Your Bridal Majesty
  • Showering Love in Every Detail
  • Love Triumphs Over All
  • Designing Your Perfect Day
  • Love Elevated to New Cool Heights
  • Your Bridal Journey Starts Here
  • Two Hearts, One Funny Bone



Unique Wedding Slogans

  • Remembered always
  • Crafting Weddings, Crafting Moments
  • Love in Full Bloom
  • Exclusive events, priceless memories
  • Bound by Love’s Eternal Knot
  • Adorable Weddings, Precious Moments
  • Your Vision, Our Passion
  • Put a ring on it. Check.
  • Where Love and Laughter Collide
  • Bums On Seats
  • With this ring, I thee wed.
  • Showering Happiness, Every Step of the Way
  • For events as unique as you
  • Your Dream Shower, Our Expertise




Wedding Advertisement Slogans

  • Bridal Bliss, Tailored to You
  • Cherishing Your Special Day
  • From Dreams to Dazzling Weddings
  • Unforgettable Gowns for Unforgettable Moments
  • Elegance Meets Celebration
  • Your Shower, Our Passion
  • Where Cool Meets Forever
  • Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice
  • Where Love Meets Couture
  • Beyond Expectations, Above Perfection
  • Together We Make a Family
  • Designing Love, One Wedding at a Time
  • Seat & Eat
  • Together We Start, Forever in Heart
  • Celebrate the Bride, Celebrate with Us
  • Bride + Groom = The best day ever.



Wedding Business Slogans

  • In Love and Puns, ‘I Do’!
  • Your dream event, delivered
  • Unveiling the Beauty of Love
  • Turning Your Vision into Reality
  • Showering Love, Crafting Memories
  • In Each Other’s Arms, Forever Safe.
  • Your Love, Our Passion
  • Happily Ever Laughter
  • Here’s To Forever
  • Celebrate Love, Celebrate Life
  • Wedding Bliss, Sealed with a Kiss
  • Your Love Story, Our Canvas
  • Ready to be stuck together forever!
  • Gowns that Speak Your Heart
  • Capturing Love, Creating Memories



Wedding Cake Slogans

  • Turning ideas into action
  • Creating Love-Filled Celebrations
  • Bridging Hearts, Creating Joy
  • Cool Weddings, Unforgettable Moments
  • Marrying the One Who Puts Up with You
  • Celebrating Love, Creating Magic
  • Say Yes to Awesomeness
  • Pop, Fizz, Clink.
  • Celebrate Love, Plan with Us
  • When two become one.
  • Get Hitched, Get Happy
  • Bridal Shower Perfection, Our Promise
  • Affordable Luxury, Timeless Class
  • Live, Love, and Say I Do
  • Exquisite Celebrations, Classic Charm



Wedding Catering Slogans

  • Where Dreams Say ‘I Do’
  • A Gown for Every Love Story
  • Sweet Moments, Forever Together
  • Bridal Shower Magic, Unleashed
  • Celebrate Love, Your Way
  • Vows, rings & happy wedding things.
  • Turning Dreams into Stunning Realities
  • Embrace the Art of Timeless Beauty
  • Weaving Dreams into Reality
  • And they danced forever more.
  • Bridal Showers, Tailored to You
  • Rhyming Rings and Love That Sings
  • Stay Cool, Say I Do
  • Graceful Weddings, Captivating Moments
  • Bringing Your Love to Life



Wedding Company Slogans

  • Showering Love, Showering Happiness
  • From ‘I Do’ to Forever
  • Where Your Love Takes Center Stage
  • Captivating the Smartest Hearts
  • Weddings Made Wonderful
  • Every detail matters
  • Where Wedding Dreams Get Cooler
  • Creating Memories that Last a Lifetime
  • Crafting Your Happily Ever After
  • Bridal Showers Made Beautiful
  • Elevate Your Bridal Beauty
  • Crafting Unforgettable Love Stories
  • Taking a bow and a Kerrtsy
  • We plan. You party.
  • Bridal Bliss, Tailored for You
  • From Dreams to Forever
  • United in Endless Love




Wedding Day Slogans

  • Chic Weddings in Style
  • Cherishing Every Love Story
  • Turning Vows into Forever
  • Redefining Class with Style
  • Cutest Celebration of Love
  • Elevate Your Bridal Shower Experience
  • Capturing Love, Frame by Frame
  • Making Love Unforgettable
  • Excellence in Every Detail
  • Making Your Shower Dreams Come True
  • Extraordinary life events
  • Sealing Love with Style
  • Where Love Blossoms Beautifully
  • Your Dream Wedding, Our Expertise
  • You’re all that I am. All that I have.
  • Crafted Love Stories, One Wedding at a Time



Wedding Dj Slogans

  • Creating Memories, Professionally
  • A spectacular turn of events
  • Smart Weddings for Smart Couples
  • Wet Your Whistle
  • Celebrate Your Love, Our Way
  • Turning Moments into Memories
  • Love Elevated, Celebrations Created
  • Our Forever Starts Today
  • Puppy Love, Forever and Ever
  • Where Memories Begin
  • Sip, Sip, Hooray!
  • The best is yet to come.
  • Crafting Unforgettable Memories
  • A Journey of Love and Togetherness.
  • Dressing Dreams, One Gown at a Time
  • Only the Best for Your Special Day
  • Radiate Love in Every Stitch
  • Creating Our Happiness Together
  • Love, Laughter, Happily Ever After



Wedding Dress Slogans

  • The fairytale begins.
  • Unveil Your Bridal Fantasy
  • We create. You celebrate.
  • Save Water, Drink Champagne
  • Sit For Shenanigans
  • Where Dreams Become Weddings
  • Eat, drink and be married!
  • We decided on forever.
  • Bridal Chic, Unleashed
  • Gowns that Define Your Love
  • You will always be my forever.
  • Effortless Bridal Sophistication
  • Crafted with Love, Showered with Joy
  • Charming Celebrations with a Twist



Wedding Favor Slogans

  • A Perfect Blend of Love and Luxury
  • Crafted Love, Your Way
  • Creating Cool Memories, Together
  • Unveil Your Happily Ever After
  • Love and Other Awkward Situations
  • Can I Get a Witness?
  • Your Love, Our Creative Canvas
  • Your Dream Wedding Starts Here
  • Your Special Day, Our Expertise
  • Crafting Memories, One Wedding at a Time
  • Love Forever, Together We’ll Endeavor
  • Clever Weddings, Smart Moments
  • Two Hearts, One Journey Begins
  • Your Perfect Gown Awaits
  • Bridal Gowns, a Love Affair
  • Cute I Do’s, Forever Love



Wedding Invitation Slogans

  • Professionalism Redefined
  • Affordable Cool, Uncompromising Style
  • A Clever Union of Hearts
  • Creating the Best. Day. Ever.
  • Love: The Greatest Adventure Awaits
  • Unleash Your Love Story
  • Bridesmaids, Bouquets, and Booze
  • Gowns that Celebrate Love
  • Turning Love into Celebrations
  • In Each Other, We Found Home
  • Creating Bridal Shower Bliss
  • Welcome To Our Day
  • Bridal Showers Designed Just for You
  • Elevating Elegance to New Heights
  • Where Elegance and Panache Unite
  • ‘Til Death Do Us Party
  • Your Seat Awaits




Wedding Photographer Slogans

  • A Symphony of Class and Romance
  • Making Your Love Shine Bright
  • Love’s Harmony, a Memorable Matrimony
  • Unlocking a Lifetime of Love
  • Endless Love, One Unforgettable Day
  • Wedded Bliss, Reinvented
  • Elevate Your Shower Experience
  • Creating Magical Moments, Together
  • Love Stories Unveiled
  • Memorable events don’t just happen.
  • Turning Vows into Timeless Treasures
  • Sealing Hearts with Elegance
  • Where Love Blossoms, Showers Follow



Wedding Photography Slogans

  • Making Love Shine Bright
  • Indulge in the Luxury of Love
  • Where Love Becomes Art
  • Our Story, Our Slogan, Our Forever
  • Join the Love Revolution
  • The event you imagine, brought to life
  • Contemporary Weddings, Classic Cool
  • Hand in Hand into Happiness
  • Life’s a party,
  • Our Love Story Begins Here
  • Love Unites Us
  • Creating Love-Filled Memories
  • Turning Ideas into Shower Magic
  • Elevating Weddings to a New Standard
  • Elevating Love, Celebrating Life



Wedding Shower Slogans

  • Elegance Elevated, Love Enshrined
  • Our business is making memories
  • And So The Adventure Begins!
  • Sweets, Smiles, and Wedded Delights
  • Fresh ideas for your event
  • Where Love Clicks – Literally!
  • We do the work. You have the fun.
  • Dance, Love, Forever
  • Cute Love, Wrapped in Perfection
  • Elevating Your Love Journey
  • Embracing a Future Full of Love
  • Crafting Love, Crafting Memories
  • Celebrate Love, Cherish Forever
  • Crafting Love-Filled Celebrations


Wedding Venue Slogans

  • Showering Love, One Detail at a Time
  • Love Conkerrs All
  • Bound by Love
  • Where Dreams Become Reality.
  • Where Dreams Come True
  • Exquisite Weddings Tailored to You
  • Yay, You Made It!
  • Let’s Do This Thing!
  • Love, Joy, and Forevermore
  • Where Love Blossoms
  • Your Love, Our Cool Factor
  • Dancing Souls, Forever in Harmony
  • Call Me Old Fashioned
  • Where Timeless Traditions Begin


Royal Wedding Slogans

  • Elegance Redefined, Love Reinvented
  • Lovebirds Nesting, Eternity Awaits
  • Joined in Joy
  • Clever Ideas for Clever Couples
  • Cheery Weddings, Joyful Hearts
  • Hearts Aligned, Our Love You’ll Find
  • Wedding Experts at Your Service
  • Amp Up Your Love Story
  • Where Love Rocks and Rolls
  • Welcome To Our Best Day Ever
  • One day down. Forever to go.
  • Love Savored, Memories Preserved
  • Your new home is in my heart.
  • The Party Starts Here
  • Make any occasion unforgettable



Cruise Wedding Slogans

  • Experience Professional Excellence
  • Let the adventure begin.
  • Say I Do with Cuteness Overload
  • Forever Starts Today.
  • Celebrating Love with a Twist
  • We do events. You do you.
  • Two Hearts, One Journey
  • We Put the Fun in I Do
  • Sophistication in Every Detail
  • Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After
  • Twinkle Stars and Wedding Bliss
  • Oh Sit Down Next To Me
  • We’re So Glad You Came
  • Love. Celebrate. Repeat.
  • On Your Marks, Get Set, Prosecco!
  • Stop And Smell The Rosé
  • Upgrade Your Love Story
  • Crafting Your Love Story with Care
  • Unveiling the Magic of Class


What is a Catchy wedding slogan?

The most romantic slogan for weddings selected by many professionals is “Two hearts, one love story”

This slogan is a true example of showing love between couples and shows the spirit of becoming a single soul after marriage.



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