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67 Catchy Tire Slogans & Taglines



There are many tire manufacturers all around the world, most of them are using a catchy slogan to catch the attention of their potential clients and to give them a strong reason to buy their tires instead of their competitors’. They also use slogans to impress a predefined image of their tires in the minds of their existing and potential customers.

Words have power, reading and listening slogans can influence the buying decisions of your potential customers. That’s the reason why big as well as some small tire brands are utilizing the power of words to increase their sales and profits.

In this post, we are sharing with you a list of 67+ tire slogans and taglines being used by tire manufacturers all around the world for your inspiration. Reading these tire slogans and taglines would give you an idea about different marketing messages begin delivered by these slogans.

Have a look at these slogans and see if you can create a better slogan for your tire at your own.



Tire Slogans


Sailun truck Tires – Sailun. With you through every turn.


Dayton truck tires – Performance for every road.


Titan Tires – Titan moves the world.


Bandag – Down to an art


Ringtread – Ringtread. The all-around best.


Nitto – Nitto. Fueled by enthusiasts.


Multi-Mile Tires – Maximum mileage, performance and comfort.


Hercules Tires – Ride on our strength.


Best Tire Slogans


Altas Tires – The world rides on Atlas!


Pro Comp tires & wheels – Off-road driven!


Lionhart Tires – Behold, the new king of the road.


Toyo Tires – Pleasure comes with performance.


Metzeler Motorcycle Tires – Always two wheels ahead.


Beba Tyres – Beba. Tyres are our passion!


BFGoodrich – We solve problems for things that fly.


Radar Tires – Trust is everything.


Falken – Falken. We get you going!


Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels – Be a part of the legend!


Servis Tyres – Move with the best.


Rosava Car Tyres – We know roads – the roads know us.


Nokian Tyres – Grip like never before.


Dunlop Tires – Dunlop. Feel the road.


Dunlop motorcycle Tires – Accelerate your soul.


Kelly tires – A good deal on a great tire.


Catchy Tire Slogans


Ralco Tyres – The world is yours.


Vredestein Tyres – Designed to protect you.


Apollo Tyres – Performance. There are no shortcuts.


Omni United – Mobilizing life.


Sime Tyres – Made in Malaysia to weather the world.


MRF Tyres, Tyres with muscle.


Semperit Tyres – Entire performance.


CEAT – CEAT. Superior grip.


CEAT Bike Tyres – Because the streets are filled with idiots.


Cooper Tires – Life’s a road trip. Come on, let’s go.


Zeetex tires – Drive will never be the same.


Barum – Long-lasting tyres for smart buyers.


General Tire – Sooner or later, you’ll own Generals.


JK Tyre – JK Tire. Total control.


TVS Tyres – Ride smart with road sense.


Kenda Tires and Tubes – Kenda. Life in motion.


Sonar Tires – Excellence beyond expectation.


Michelin Automotive Tires – Michelin. A better way forward.


Nankang – Nankang. Free your way.


Yokohama Advan Tires – Advan. Not for everyone.


Nexen Tires – Driving tomorrow.


Matador – It all rides on our tyres.


Roadstone Tyres – Feel the ultimate performance.


Yokohama Tires – Yokohama. Really grips.


Continental Tyres – When braking counts, you can count on us.


Tire Slogans


Michelin X – The world’s leading radial tyre.


Goodyear Tyres – When snow say no, Goodyear says go! Go, go Goodyear!


Hankook Tire brand – Creating the right chemistry between you and the road.


Silverstone Tires and Wheels – Hitting your roads one tread at a time.


Firestone Deluxe Champion – The safest longest-wearing tire ever built.


Sava Tires – Sava. European quality tires.


Maxxis Tyres – Maxxis. Ultimate control.


Federal Tyres – Bringing motorsports performance to street tyres.


Goodyear HydraGrip – Reigns in the wet.


Pirelli Tyres – Pirelli. Gripping stuff.


Avon Tyres – Sooner or later you’ll change to Avon Tyres.


Firestone Tires – Whatever you drive, drive a Firestone.


Bridgestone Tyres – A grip on the future.


Bridgestone Dueler – First you drive it. Then it drives you.


Lassa, Turkish Tyres – Lassa. The intelligent choice.


Uniroyal Tyres – Uniroyal. For everything you value.


Schwalbe – Never ride second class.




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