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35 Great Tin Slogans



Tin was discovered around 3500 BC. Tin is a chemical element with symbol Sn and atomic number 50. It is a soft & pliable metal and below 13°C, it slowly changes to powder form.

Below are the 35 Great Tin slogans for chemistry assignments, science projects & project presentations. They can also be used for Tin advertisement and marketing. Also good for familiarization with Tin. Share them with your friends.


Be soft like Tin

Everyone wins when they use Tin!!!

Tin: Powder below 13°C

Bust the rust with Tin

Tin, you can’t eat it, you can’t beat it

Tin–the other white metal

Pushing Tin

Tin, it’s smooth and thin, it fits in a bin

It’s Tin time

Keep calm & be soft like Tin

Shine your life with Tin

Tin it

Do the best you Tin

Tin is a terrible thing to waste!

Tin livin

Put on your Tin grin


Rin Tin Tin

Tin, makes a lot of noise, it will attract the boys

Tin: Better cans than Pam Anderson!

It’s a Tin thing, you wouldn’t understand

Tin can give the longest shelf life for your food!

Tin: Protecting other metals from harm

Tin: keeping your canned goods fresh for 200 years!

Ship Alloy! It’s Tin!

Think Tin

Tin is a metal. it takes some time to settle

Tin really makes the Man

Remember Tin to win!

To be or not to be beaTIN!!!

We will not be Pinned when we use Tin!

With Tin you win!!!

Tin. It’s everywhere you wanna be

Tin, its magic stuff, which can’t be buffed

Does exactly what it says on the Tin


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