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Terms & Conditions

Slogans Hub strives to make your experience working with us a pleasant, hassle-free and convenient one. Taking that statement into consideration, we have devised a simple set of terms and conditions that you must read carefully and ensure that you comprehend all the clauses and their implications prior to starting any project with Slogans Hub.

Kindly note: Slogans Hub reserves the rights to alter any or every clause of the following terms and conditions without prior notice. Therefore, we recommend our clients to review this page whenever they place an order with our service.


General Services Agreement

Slogans Hub is a prominent slogan development company that serves both startups and established organizations. We exclusively work online and operate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week all over the year.

Clients will be provided with the services in accordance with the packages they choose. Slogans Hub further assures its clients that all the slogan ideas are created in compliance with the client’s brief. Thus, clients are solely responsible for preparing the brief with the right details, required for the project.


Quality Assurance Agreement

Over the course of our expedition, we have written slogans for many companies and propelled their brand to new heights. We assure to provide short, catchy, memorable, and effective slogans.

We have absolute confidence in the talent, expertise and skills of our creative slogan writers as they help Slogans Hub makes its name prominent in the slogan writing industry.

Note: Slogans Hub use email ‘Electronic-mails’ to deliver initial slogan ideas and revised slogans. Thus, clients are advised to furnish us with a valid email address.


Refund-Guarantee Agreement

We, at Slogans Hub, offer our valued-clientele 100% unconditional refund-guarantee to provide them a sense of relieve and security. In the event of any discontentment regarding the project, the client reserves the rights to ask for a complete refund. As soon as the request is received by us, we will immediately reimburse the payment to the client.

In the event of a failure of resolution between the parties and a reimbursement is made, the client will no longer hold the rights to use any of the initial slogan ideas as they come under the ownership of Slogans Hub, until fully paid.


Delivery and Acceptance Agreement

Slogans Hub is absolutely aware of the fact that time is of the essence, especially for businessmen or entrepreneurs. Therefore, we assure our valued clients that the initial ideas of their project will be presented within 3 to 4 days (depending on the package), under normal circumstances.



Slogans Hub tries its utmost to present an effective slogan to its valued client. However, we are aware of the fact that every individual has a unique idea of perfection. This is the reason we offer them revisions so that they can avail the slogan that they seek. Our writers will gladly provide the revised slogans and the number of revised slogans depends upon the package chosen by the client. For every revision request, a new draft of the project will be provided within 2 days.


Ownership Agreement

Once the client approves the slogan and Slogans Hub acknowledges the complete payment, all the ownership rights are then transferred to the client.



While at Slogans Hub, we do our utmost to ensure that our slogan ideas will help the client in increasing brand awareness, leads and sales, this is not something that can be guaranteed. Sales are dependent on many factors, including overall marketing strategy, the way our client do business, and every other decision taken on a daily basis – which we have no control over.


Cancellation Policy Agreement

You hereby accept the agreement that Slogans Hub reserves the rights to reject order or terminate the contract in the following circumstances:

• If the client violates the terms and conditions of Slogans Hub.
• If Slogans Hub falls short to accomplish a project due to any unforeseen circumstances.

A complete reimbursement will be awarded to the client, if Slogans Hub fails to process any project it undertakes due to any unavoidable events.