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40 Creative and Catchy Slogans on Health

Below is a list of 40 Creative and Catchy Slogans on Health.


Good health is true wealth.

Do or diet.

Eat right or don’t bother.

Care that never quits.

Depend on Us for Life.

It’s time to go to health!

Helping Others Stay Alive.

Care for your heart!

Healthy life begins with a healthy heart.

For the love of your heart.

Keep your heart happy.

A healthy heart is a wealthy start.

Care for your health.

Care that never quits.

Just for the Health of It.

You are what you eat.

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For all your healthy needs.

Got Public Health.

Celebrate Public Health.

Health Care is a Right Not a Privilege.

No Smallpox – No Polio – Know Public Health.

Seven Days without Exercise Make One Weak.

Proud to Be Smoke Free.

Workout animal.

Move it or lose it!

Do your own homework.

Your health comes first!

Go healthy and happy!

Are you healthy and happy?

Commit to be fit.

Stay Strong, Live long.

Eat the best, leave the rest.

Don’t be a Brat burn that Fat.

Go green, go clean and go fit.

Be at ease without disease.

If health is lost, everything is lost.

Wealthy sick & healthy poor do not enjoy living.

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.

You are what you eat from your head down to your feet.

Good health is good business.


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