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53 Best School Campaign Slogans

In order to run any campaign effectively and to get the desired results, you need a catchy slogan which people can remember easily. Same is true for school election campaigns. Slogans are very useful to draw the attention of voters and also to tell them what will happen or what you will do for them after winning the elections.

School Campaign Slogans

We have gathered a list of 53 Best School campaign slogans for you. You can use them on shirts, t shirts, posters, banners etc. and surely they will help you to run a successful election campaign and can lead you to victory. Share them with your friends.


  • I respect your choice

  • You’ll flip for _______

  • Your mind says no, but your heart says yes

school campaign slogans-Your mind says no, but your heart says yes

  • Hope for change, Vote for _______

  • I want you to Vote for _______ (Facebook status and also tweet)

  • Hey girls I want you to Vote for _______

  • You mean you didn’t Vote for me?

school campaign slogans-You mean you didn’t Vote for me

  • I don’t always Vote but when I do it’s for _______

  • Be Bright, Vote for the right

  • Just Do it. [Vote for _______]

  • Don’t be shy, Vote for ________

  • Lincoln’s real secret: She votes for _______

  • Let your voice be heard. Vote for _______

school campaign slogans-Let your voice be heard. Vote for _______

  • Keep calm and Vote for _______

  • I don’t want all your Vote. Just yours Vote for _______

  • Keep cool with _______

  • Don’t be late, Vote for _______

  • Choose the _______. Choose the right

  •  _______ The name of trust

  • Vote for me and all of your wildest dreams will come true! (Napolean Dynamite)

  • For Education. For a better life. Vote for _______

  • I have a plan. Vote for _______

  • I can do it, you can help

school campaign slogans-I can do it, you can help

  • She is the one who’ll get things done

  • Stop looking, listen and Vote for _______

  • Your Voice – Your Vote

  • Voting for me is a good decision

school campaign slogans-Voting for me is a good decision

  • Vote for me and spread the word

  • Don’t vote for them, Please vote for me!

  • Vote for ______ for Class Secretary

  • Clap your hands say it out loud _______ the one who makes you proud

  • Vote for the Girl with the smile!

  • Shout out loud, Vote for _______

  •  _______ is here to solve your problems

  • Your Vote would make me so jolly (jolly rancher)

  • Voting for me is a good decision!

  • I want you to Vote

  • Working for us Vote for us

  • Keep calm and Vote wisely for _______

  • Got _______

  • Vote for ______, The one better than the rest

  • I win you win, Vote for ________

  • Make your Vote count

  • Vote for experience

  • Vote for hope. Vote for _______

  • My hips don’t lie, Vote for _______

  • I think I can win

  • Let me serve you

  • Vote for me. I can talk the talk

  • Vote, it’s not a joke

  • I promise I will

  • Vote for me, otherwise you’ll lose again

  • Mom says Vote for _______