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Refund Policy

We, at Slogans Hub, believe that client’s satisfaction is the only critical aspect that can bring a company true success in its industry. Keeping that in view, we ensure the contentment of our valued client by offering them an unconditional refund guarantee, which is rarely granted to them by other agencies. This guarantee signifies that no questions are asked and no extra charges are deducted while transferring the refund to the client.

Contrary to the statement presented above, Slogans Hub believes that you will not request for refund as we are absolutely certain that you will appreciate our slogan ideas. By registering to our services, you hereby declare that you have read and accepted the conditions outlined below:



• The refund request will be nullified if any initial slogan ideas are approved by the client.
• In case of discontentment, the client holds the absolute rights to disapprove the initial ideas and request for a refund.
• The refund guarantee will be considered invalid if the client endorses a slogan idea and requests for a revision.
• The refund guarantee will be deemed ineffective if the client fails to get in touch with Slogans Hub for more than 2 weeks from the day of signing a contact.