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37 Great Car Racing Slogans

A collection of creative and catchy car racing slogans, taglines, straplines, catchlines, motto’s, signatures and sayings. Car racing slogans are a fun way to show your spirit and love for the game. Car racing slogans can get the competitive mood going on during the race.  Select from the best car racing slogans for shirts, t-shirts, banners, posters, signs etc. Use them and enjoy!


I believe in accelerator, not in brakes

For me, throttle is a detonator

Life is fast so why drive slow

Don’t be safe, be fast

Move fast and win my heart

Finish fast, I am waiting for you

I know I am the slowest part in a car

Do your best – beat the rest!

Why worry about death, it’ll come sooner or later

What’s behind you doesn’t matter

Nothing less than victory

No one can stop you

Never give up

Flying high

Drive fast or go home

Racing is in my heart  

Car racing, more addictive than heroin

Keep calm and move fast

Hang up and drive

Car fuel is my perfume

Live fast – die young

Be fast

Don’t love us, we die young

I am a racing chick

Trying to reach the speed of light

Be fast to be first

Car racing is my passion

Need for speed

My life starts from 200 mph

Drive with courage

Don’t show me your attitude, I have my own

Fast and furious

I love accelerator

Say no to brakes

It’s all about moving fast

Be fast and win to kiss me

Finish fast, I can’t wait too long