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Our delivery time varies as per different packages. Normally, it is around 5-7 business days. You can invest a little more to get your order completed within two days.

Yes of course! We’re experienced enough to coin slogans for any industry.

As much as possible. The more information you give us, the better the tagline or slogan will be. Share everything and anything that you think would help us come up with an idea you can be proud of. At least fill in the questionnaire on the order page.

Yes, after analyzing initial list of slogans, you can ask us to modify them to meet your needs.

Yes, once you select the slogan from slogan ideas list, we will send you an email which signs copyright of chosen slogan to you.

Well it depends on the package you choose. For Silver package, you will get 6 slogans, for Gold you will get 15 slogans and for Platinum package you will get unlimited slogans.

No problem, simply tell us, we will refund all your money without asking any questions.