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290 Best Discrimination Slogans & Zero Discrimination Day Slogans



The United Nations and comparable organizations observe Zero Discrimination Day yearly to ensure equality and develop improved laws and practices for their member nations. Every year, a different topic is highlighted on this day, including prejudice towards a specific group, disease, social phenomena, and personal preferences.

The purpose is to honor and advance equality. The goal is to eliminate all forms of prejudice that have a negative impact on one’s health and quality of life. This article is for you if, like everyone else, you support equality. Join us in observing zero Discrimination Day.

You can find a variety of  Discrimination Slogans and wishes to help spread the message of equality and the elimination of discrimination throughout the world in this article. Implement your campaign, spread optimism, hold a seminar or workshop, or talk about it. But somehow participate in it.



Best Discrimination Slogans

Let’s start with the Top  Slogans for “Discrimination Slogans.”

  • Let us stand up against discrimination.
  • Discrimination is killing us all in a silent way.
  • Zero discrimination can bring us eternal happiness.
  • Say no to discrimination for a better life.
  • Discrimination only divides and never unites.
  • Let us kill this discrimination on Zero Discrimination Day.
  • If you wish to create chaos and disrespect, start discriminating.
  • A society that is free from discrimination is what we must aim at.
  • Happiness does not exist where discrimination exists.
  • Fight discrimination, promote inclusion.


Note: If you’re looking for some Anti Racism Slogans, there’s a whole article dedicated to that: Powerful Anti Racism Slogans & Great End Racism Slogans


A world without discrimination, a world of hope.


Discrimination has no place in our world.


Equal rights, equal opportunities: End discrimination.


Stop discrimination, and start acceptance.


We are all human: End discrimination.


Different but equal: End discrimination.


Diversity is a strength, discrimination is a weakness.


United against discrimination for a better world.


Say no to discrimination, say yes to diversity.


Best Discrimination Slogans



Zero Discrimination Day Slogan

From this list, you can send your employees positive messages and Slogans on zero discrimination day. Let them know you have got them and will not tolerate any sort of discrimination in your workplace. Share these with your colleagues to initiate a conversation about it.

Here is the latest Zero Discrimination Day Slogans collection to share with everyone on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.


Discrimination hurts us all: Let’s end it.


Love knows no discrimination.


Diversity is beautiful, discrimination is not.


Equal rights for all, end discrimination now.


Say no to discrimination, say yes to humanity.


Discrimination: No more, no way.


Celebrate diversity, and end discrimination.


Discrimination: A problem we can solve together.


End discrimination, start acceptance.


Unite against discrimination for a better world.


Different but equal: The fight against discrimination.


Discrimination: The enemy of human rights.


Equal rights for others does not mean less right for you


Keep your tiny hands off my rights


Equality includes BOTH genders!


Equal rights for all – regardless of gender!


Gender equality is not a womens issue – its a human issue!


Discrimination: Let’s put an end to it.


Zero Discrimination Day Slogan



Stop Discrimination Slogan

Let everyone around you know that this day exists, and they should be participating in it for maximum output and results. Here is to hope that we will achieve something.


Promote equality, end discrimination.


Discrimination: A barrier to progress.


Equal opportunities for all, end discrimination.


End discrimination, embrace humanity.


Together, we can create a more inclusive world.


Discrimination: No place in our society.


Diversity is our strength, discrimination is our weakness.


Stand for diversity, fight against discrimination.


Discrimination: Lets overcome it together.


Embrace diversity, end discrimination.


Equal rights, equal dignity: End discrimination.


Different but united: End discrimination.


Discrimination: Lets break the chain.


Unite for equality, fight against discrimination.


Different races, one human race: End discrimination.


Discrimination: No more, no less.


Promote unity, end discrimination.


Discrimination: The fight for a more just world.


Different beliefs, same rights: End discrimination.


Discrimination: A problem we must confront.


End discrimination, promote human dignity.


Different identities, one world: End discrimination.


Discrimination: Lets work together to end it.


All lives matter


Every skin color matters


People of color deserve respect too


Stop Discrimination Slogan



Anti Discrimination Slogan

A bonus section of all the best Anti-discrimination Slogans. In case you didn’t find anything above, we guarantee you that you will find it in this section of Best Zero discrimination Slogans.


Do not discriminate


Discrimination is a crime


Every human matter


Every race is beautiful


Racism is not acceptable


Make racism wrong again


Beauty has no skin tone


Prejudices are what fools use for reason


Beauty comes with no skin tone


Stop labeling, start loving


There should be no place for racism in this world


Achievement doesn’t come in color


Everyone deserves the same dignity and respect


Because being a human being is not illegal


Normalizing the equality


Only Small minds talk about racism


Skin tone does not define anybody nature


Let not color divide us


Start cleaning your heart


Raise the world, raise the voice against racism


Humanity should be the only cast in this world


Ever asked about the skin colour of the blood donor?


Colour discrimination is a disease


The existence of word like racism should be extinct in this world


Equal rights for all skin tone


We need justice for equality


The character leaves a better impression than any skin colour can


White or black in human all are same


Anti Discrimination Slogan



Slogan About Discrimination And Respect


Everyone deserves the same seat at the table of humankind


Racism is a social construct


Strength has no color


Normalizing equality for all


If color defines beauty, then a black rose would never be beautiful


Equality includes all skin tones


Acceptance comes with equality


Stop polluting humanity with your disgusting mind


Racism comes out of small minds


Be colour blind about humans


Fight for your right, fight for anti-racism


No one born as a racist, its just implanted with social pressure


You degrade yourself by trying to degrade the skin colour


Lets spread love, and abolish racism


Because equality comes first


Increase your dignity by protecting others


Defend human rights by protecting the weak


Let them live


Gender equality is a human fight, not a female fight


Join the majority, vote for equality!


Strength has no gender


When the sun rises, it rises for everyone.


Equal rights to all in sight!


Stand up for gender equality – its time for change!


Slogan About Discrimination And Respect



Slogans Against Discrimination


Equality for all – no exceptions!


Its time for real change – fight for gender equality!


Achieving gender equality means a better world for everyone!


Gender equality is an essential part of human rights!


We all benefit when everyone has equal rights!


Gender equality is good for business!


Lets level the playing field – achieve gender equality!


Equality makes the world a better place!


Its time to close the gender gap!


boys AND girls deserve equal rights!


Were not asking for special treatment – just equal treatment!


Everyone deserves to be treated with respect!


No one should be discriminated against because of their gender!


Equal rights for all genders – its time for change!


Achieving gender equality requires everyones support!


Join the fight for gender equality – its time to take a stand!


Together we can achieve gender equality!


Equal rights arent special rights.


Equality is not a privilege, its a right.


Feminism is the radical notion that women are people.


Men of quality are not threatened by women seeking equality


A mans rightful place is in the kitchen .


Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition .


Gender Equality Is For Everybody! Not Just Women .


Equality for all, justice for everyone.


Different is beautiful, equal is powerful.


Unite for equality, stand together as one.


Equal opportunities for every human being.


Gender Equality is Not a Womens Issue, Its a Human Rights Issue.


I am a feminist because I believe in equal rights for ALL humans.


If youre not a feminist, youre part of the problem.


There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.


We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back.


Slogans Against Discrimination



Slogan Against Gender Discrimination


Dont judge, embrace equality.


Equality is the foundation of democracy.


Diversity is a strength, equality is a necessity.


Every person deserves respect and equality.


Equality starts with empathy and understanding.


Empower all, exclude none: the path to equality.


Equality is the key to a better world.


A world without prejudice, a world with equality.


Equal rights for all, always.


Embrace diversity, and promote equality.


Equal treatment, equal opportunity, equal success.


A world without discrimination, a world of equality.


Embrace differences, and celebrate equality.


One world, one race, one equality.


Diversity is our reality, equality is our mission.


Stand up for equality, stand up for justice.


The future is equal!


There is no excuse for discrimination!


Every person deserves to be treated with dignity and respect!


We’re not asking for special treatment, just equal treatment!


Gender equality is not a women’s issue, its a human rights issue!


Equality for all genders!


Equal rights for all, no exceptions!


Women’s rights are human rights!


Men and women are equal, lets start acting like it!


Gender equality is essential for a peaceful and prosperous world!


No country can develop fully if half its population is left behind!


Women belong in all places where decisions are being made.


Because I am a woman, is not a reason for discrimination.


Equal pay for equal work!


The future is female.


No discrimination, only equality.


Diversity is our strength, equality is our goal.


Together we can achieve equality.


Everyone deserves a fair chance.


Inequality hurts us all, lets end it together.


Equal rights, equal dignity, equal humanity.


We are all equal, no exceptions.


One world, one human race, one equality.


Justice and equality go hand in hand.


Slogan Against Gender Discrimination



Racial Discrimination Slogans


Gender equality is an economic imperative!


When women prosper, nations prosper!


Invest in girls and youll change the world!


Educate girls, empower women!


Her future is our future!


A womans place is in the house… and the Senate.


Equal rights for all, special privileges for none.


Im a feminist because I believe in equal rights for women.


The future is female.


Im pretty, but Im not going to apologize for it.


Nobody is more powerful than a young girl with her own mind.


Together, we can end discrimination.


Discrimination: The enemy of progress.


End discrimination, and embrace diversity.


We are one world, end discrimination.


Discrimination: Not in our name.


Stand up against discrimination, stand for justice.


Different colors, one world: End discrimination


Discrimination: Let’s break the cycle.


Promote inclusion, and end discrimination.


Racial Discrimination Slogans



Frequently Asked Questions/FAQs

What are Some Facts About Zero Discrimination Day?

Below are a few facts regarding Zero discrimination day.


  • The first of March is designated as Zero Discrimination Day each year. Thanks to a noteworthy event in Beijing on the twenty-seventh of February, 2016, it was first observed on the first of March, 2014, and presented by Michel Sidibe, Executive Director of UNAIDS.


  • To emphasize how people may raise awareness of and support the rights of those impacted by and living with HIV, the first Zero Discrimination Day focused on HIV. Its focus has widened in recent years to include eliminating all forms of prejudice that harm one’s quality of life, health, and well-being.



What Are the Things to Do on Zero Discrimination Day?

Here are things that you can do on Zero Discrimination Day


  • Engage in political campaigns: You can participate in activities in your district. Participate as a worker or an attendant.


  • Discuss it: organize a discussion about discrimination or plan a seminar. Find out what might be done to put a stop to it with members of your community.


  • Resolve the issue: One tiny deed can have a significant impact. Speak up if you observe systemic racism or other equity issues at the individual, local, or national level.


  • Celebrate diversity: Honor all the lovely individuals in your life whose differences help to define and distinguish them from one another. Look into the effects of inequality on other people.



What is the theme for discrimination Day?

This year’s Zero Discrimination Day (2023) will focus on the importance of decriminalizing critical demographics and persons living with HIV in order to save lives and advance the fight against the AIDS pandemic.

Criminal laws that target important groups and people with HIV violate human rights, worsen the stigma they already experience, and put individuals at risk by obstructing access to the help and resources they need to safeguard their health. According to UNAIDS, there are currently 134 countries that explicitly criminalize or otherwise prosecute HIV exposure, non-disclosure, or transmission; 20 countries that do the same for transgender people; 153 countries that do the same for at least one facet of sex work; and 67 countries that do the same for consensual same-sex sexual activity. Furthermore, 53 nations report requiring compulsory HIV testing, for instance, for marriage licenses or the practice of certain professions, while 48 countries continue to impose entrance restrictions on people with HIV. One hundred six nations have reported requiring parental approval before allowing adolescents access to HIV testing.

Discrimination and systemic inequality are fueled by criminalization. It robs them of the chance to live happy, healthy lives. Moreover, it delays the conclusion of AIDS.

To preserve lives, criminalization must halt.


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