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50 Unique Cleaning Business Names



Can’t stand a bit of dust around you? Is your home always shining? You’re looking for some sort of business to start?

Then what are you waiting for? You should be in cleaning Business. Make your own cleaning Services. The people out there are looking for a reliable Cleaning service to whom they can trust with their valuables in their absence.

You can fulfill their demands By establishing a business the same as public wants.


Tip 1:

Toss a Coin :


You want to Open your own very business but you’re confused what to do.. Take a coin and toss it because in the end cleaning business ends to be a win-win anyway.



Tip 2:



Name is the first thing the customer is going to come in contact with . When they see it they’re going to make a decision __ to eithet choose it or ignore it.having a great name cam minimise the chances of getting rejected if they stumble upon it.

You don’t have any suitable name of it.. Not to worry mentioned below is a list of names you could use:b

Maid in Time        Clean Right

Star Cleaning       Friendly Clean

Maid Sparkle        Happy Maids

Friendly Maids     Maid to Work

Dependable Clean              The Maid Squad

Friendly House Clean         Dependable Maid

Spiffy Maids         Forget We Clean

Meticulous Clean



Tip 3:

Be Specific :


Be specific in your cleaning expanse whether you do only residentials, commercials , Shops or all of them.

Mention it.


Tip 4:


Resonates ‘I’M CLEAN ‘

Choose a name that Speaks CLEAN itself. Choose a positive sounding name. Your work, your staff, your name, your buiness all should be according to what you’re serving.


Tip 5:

Publicity :


You may have to advertise in newspaper,drop off business cards and place your service flyers everywhere.

Publicity is important, make people know what you serve that is different from. Others because what makes you different is what makes you popular.


Use Social media sites , online Community should be taken on board and publicist your service as much ad possible.


Cleaning Business Names


1) Dust cleaners

2) Stars Maid Service

3) We’ve got Maids

4) Maid 2 clean

5) perfectionism

6)Clean the spot

7) clean nachine

8)Royal maid service

9) Revolution Cleaners

10) 5-Star Air Service

11) Home clean Home

12) clean touch housekeepers

13) Clean N’done

14) King of Maids

15) Eco care Biohazard

16) Fresh air Solution

17) keep it up cleaning Service

18) Cleaning Pros

19) Tidy Shines

20) the cleaning whizard

21) Sparkling homes

22) Risr and Shine cleaners

23) dust and Shine

24) clean queen

25) Mirror Reflection cleaning service

26) 7-Eleven

27) scrub_a_dub Cleaning service

28) life is maid

29) soft touch

30) house care

31) Rainbow cleaning service

32) busy bee cleaning service

33) tip top cleaning service

34)shine diamond

35) lit uphouse

36) nut and bolt moppers

37) No just dust

38) Maid in bliss

39) Soap in 1-hand

40) maid to perfection

41) Crystal clear service

42) Twinkle twinkle house

43) Clean dream team

44) shine time cleaning service

45) flower maid

46) daisy fresh Cleaning service

47) future glow

48) dirt get away cleaning service

49)keep it clean service

50) give-a-go cleaners

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