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90 Catchy Babysitting Slogans and Taglines

Below is a list of 90 Creative and Catchy Babysitting Slogans and taglines you can use for Babysitting Services.


Babysitting Slogans


Need a rest? Call the best!


[Service Name] Just like mother’s care.


A babysitter you can trust.


Your baby in safe hands.


Babysitting Slogans


The Baby Whisperer.


Excellent babysitter you can count on.


Stepping in When You Need to Step Out.


The babysitting service you can trust.


What Parents’ Dreams Are Made Of.


We take care when you’re not there.


Watchful eye babysitter.


The super sitters.


Baby helper.


A mother’s helper.


Sitters R US.


The Elite Child Care.


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Fun and play all Day!


Babysitting Slogans 1


Happy Children, Carefree Parents!


Leaf your cares to us!


Sweet, Child Care Service for Working Parents.


Reliable care for your precious little ones!


Sweet Dreams for You and Your Child.


Building dreams for the future.


Caring For You.


For Your Baby Needs.


Baby Not Blue.


Will Work For Meth.


Super Sitter!


Kid Watchers.


Second to none.


Safety and fun is my motto.


Babysitting Slogans 2


We look after your most precious treasures!


Just as good as Mom.


I can handle anything!


ABC babysit me!


The Best sitter Down Under!


Lemme watch your kids.


I don’t actually sit on babies!


Love? I’ve got it.


Care? I’ve got it.


Responsibility? I’ve for it.


A babysitter? You’ve got it.


Making your lives easier.


Responsibility and Reliability.


Because your little ones deserve it.


What could you do with a night off?


Professional service. Quality care.


Your children deserve the best “WE ARE THE BEST”


If you can bib them I will sit them.


Friendly babysitters to your doorstep.


I’ll treat you child like they are mine.


Go have fun I’ll do the rest.


Babysitting Slogans 3


Giving you some rest.


Come Here and you child will leave with tears!


Always there!


We are childcare professionals.


The Rocking Babes.


The right sit, when u need a bit! Babysitters.


We take care of your child just like you would.


Super speedy, super simple, super sensible!


Fun and hugs from your sitters, perhaps?


If they disobey me, I’ll drown them.


Serve our customers with nothing but the best.


A glowingly brilliant service!


Professional Baby Sitter (Baby Watching Extra)


Because dazzling parents need time off!


Leave the evening to me, your satisfaction guaranteed!


The best babysitters anywhere! We swear!


Do you want to come home to smiling kid?


$3 an hour is my rate, while you go on a date.


On duty for you!


Babysitting Slogans 4


They cry, I sedate.


I won’t shake your babies too much!


Gotta jet? I’m your bet! (Name of service)


Safe tots… worry not! (Name of service)


Drug and alcohol free since 2008!


Figurative and Literal babysitting available!


Serious and dependable babysitter you can count on.


Never Be Nervous Use [Company Name] Babysitting Service.


While The Parents Are Away They Pay.


Kids don’t lack capacity, only teachers.


The Kids Will Play -We Stay!


Better Buddy Babysitting.


Kids Got Your Hair Splitting? Use [Company Name] Babysitting.


Our greatest national resource is the minds of our children.


A baby is God’s opinion that life should go on.


A child is not a vase to be filled, but a fire to be lit.


A happy childhood lasts a lifetime.


Be prepared.


Created by moms for moms.


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