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55 Best and Catchy Hand washing slogans

In this post you will find 55 Best and Catchy Hand washing slogans.



Hand washing slogans


If you wash your hands, you are a winner.

In all the lands, wash your hands.

Be aware-wash with care.

You are grand if you wash your hand.

Use the soap-don’t be a dope.

Clean Hands are guardians of health.

Don’t spread germs wash your hands.

Be a germ buster wash hands.

Wash those germs right off of your hands!

No germs allowed Wash your hands.

Clean hands, healthy heart.

Clean hands, safe hands.

Washed hands are caring hands!

In all the lands, wash your hands.

Bury the germ, wash your hands.

Clean well so you can eat well.

Clean hands make the world go round.

Clean handed people are clean. So be clean. Wash your hands.

Don’t wait for commands! Wash your hands!

Don’t lick, germs stick.

Wash for happiness.

Hand washing your protection against infection.

Its only right to clean your hands day and night.

Health and hygiene are wealth and fitness.

Let your fingers do the washing.

War on germs, Hand to Hand combat.

Always wash your hands, pots and pans.

Farewell to filth, hello to health.

Don’t be a bum, wash off the scum.

keep it clean, you know what I mean.

If you keep clean you will look like the queen!

Clean hands deserve two thumbs up.

Some habits are good.

Give soap a chance when washing your hands.

Drown a germ and wash your hands!

Wash, it’s your duty!

Clean Hands are guardians of health.

Break the germ cycle.

Wash your hands to kill germs.

Don’t let germs get you down.

Clean hands, sound bodies.

Washing hands, makes life safe.

Your hands are lovely.

Don’t be dirty, be neat, wash your hands before you eat.

Hand Hygiene is EVERYONE’s job.

Wash and be happy.

Future is in your hands.

Stop spreading germs, Wash your hands.

Handwashing is an important part of your job.

Wash up, Kill the germs.

Hand Hygiene makes me feel clean.

Life is in your hands, wash them properly.

Hand washing daily keeps the diseases away.


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