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200 Attractive Cosmetic Company Names

looking good and hiphop in this world is everyone’s dream. Style you wear and aura you carry is what defines you.

Cosmetic and fashion companies are what that help you to carry your dream to the board.

You’re thinking to open your own very cosmetic and beauty buisness?

What to do?

What things to keep in mind?


Mentioned below are some shortlisted things you need to do before choosing name of your buisness.

“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover ”


Cosmetic Company Names


We’ve all heard it , but don’t lie we all havr ignored it too. The thing is no matter howmany times we say it we still judge a book by it’s cover.

You yourself are judged by your name, your vibe, your aura and you think your buissness and products won’t be judged by the name of your buiessnss.?

So a good name to your buiessnss is as important as the buisness itself .

The namr is the identification mark of your buisness and After all namr is the first thing the customer is going to see and make a decision __ either to choose it or ignore it.

Having a great name can minimize the possibility that they would ignore it if they stumble upon it.

So don’t loose the chance of being a successful businessman only at the first step of your journey.



> Sunkissed

> kiss and makeup

> magic shades

> beauty angel  cosmetics

> cosmos Cosmetics

> candy face

>fairy gurl

> pearl white fortune

>forvever young

> beauty town

> barbie paradise




you need to register your company name at the time of opening it. Buiesness name should not be copied or it might get rejected.

You would need your own specific name once you want to franchise or sell your buiessnss later.

If you’re a sole trader or even partner register the name to ASIC. Use ASIC wrbsite to check for the names already in use.


A company must register it’s name within every state in which buissness operates. The company name should be distinct from rest of the companies out there.

For example: If a company nam3 is ‘XYZ cosmetics ‘ you cannot name your company as ‘XYZ cosmetics’




federal law restricts us from using a name in the form of copy rights. New company cannot use copyrighted names. Copyright is basically protection for expression of an idea developed by a certain company and would have rights against copying their content and information.



Trademark is a label or tag that identifies your buisness, product or company. Who so ever us3d the trademark label first owns it and you cannot use already registered fictious or assumed name of a buisness. So Better to go check before use.

Before Officially launching youtlr buisness name make sure it doesn’t infringe on existing trademark.

If your gonna run your buiessnss as Corporation, LLC or Limited partner ship it should not match any other already available corporation, LLC or Limited partnership.

You can consult a federal Trademark Application FAQ.




Heaven Feel



Grey trendy



Fabb Hue

Curly floss

Nature wind

Alive fresh

Seven hill



Fashion pulp

Magic drop

Alle miss

Leffy lizz

Lip ray

Creamy lux

Fashion pie


Miss leury

Pink floss

Winky you

Cloe cleff

Nature lush



Lips & lips

Too kissy

Bio midas


Mush mist



Pink pretty

May well

April fresh

Well craft

Urban joy

First flirt


Dream Shades


What’s the best way ti storm up startup names?

1.. Keep the name of your buiessnss simple.

2..avoid confusing anf hard to spell names.

3…don’t pick a name that could limit yout business. As don’t specify your brand to specific product it may limit your growth possibilities in the future

4..get. com domain names instead of .org .net etc. Customers tend ti associate brand domain.

If domain is taken contact the owner if they want ti sale it.

5..use namr that conveys some meaning related ti your brand

6..conduct a secretary of state research to makr sure namr isn’t taken already.

7..structure yout buisness as Corporation or LLC.

8..get feedback on yout name of buisness /company.

9..use resources available for brainstorming names.



Lovely Organic

Union Cosmetics

Confidence Make-Up

Colorbar Cosmetics

Pure Aloe Vera

Nykaa Luxe

Selection Center

A To Z Cosmetics

Cookies Make-Up

Oh My Cream

Confident Beauty

Modern Green Beauty

Couleur Caramel

Bobbi Brown Studio

Colorful Black

Supreme White

Makeup Mistress


Cosmetics Printemps

Sens Unique

Beauty Expo


Professional Makeup



Halal Skin Care

Cosmetics Looks

Impression Beauty

Jasmine Care

Lovers Selection

Beauty & Wellness

Pretty Girl

Princy Beauty Care

Spice Garden

Lady Bee

Suite & Glamour

Fair Lady

Finishing Touch

Bridal & Beauty Shop

Specialist Skin Centre



Luscious Lips

Lip Locks

Lip Plump

Lip Plumper

Shiny Grin

Bold And Bright

Pack A Punch

Lip Kits

Lip Love

Lovely Lips

Kissable Lips

Supple Smile

Glossy Glam

Get Glammed

Final Touches

Lost Lips

Long Lost Lips

Lip Impact

Make A Statement

Let Lips Loose

Unleash Your Lips

Lined Lips

Let Go Lips

Lip Lust

Lippy Love

Moisture Maven

One-Of-A-Kind Colors

Lip Lessons

Lip King

Lip Queens

Queen Bee Balm

Loosen Up Lips

Tight Lipped

Loving Lips

On The Lips

Kiss On The Lips

Lipstick Tricks

Luscious Lipstick

Pick A Lipstick

Your Pick Lipstick

Top Pick Lipstick



Nourished Nails

Nails By Nature

Nail Designs

Curated Cuticles

Mani Maker

Pedi Professionals

Pedi Pros

Toe Pros

Pampered Pedis

Pamper Pros

Nail Regale

Regal Nails

Nail Indulgence

Necessary Nails

Nail Necessities

Twinkle Toes

Nature Made Nails

Organic Nails

Nail Doctors

Nail Nurses

Prim And Polished

Well Polished

Keep It Polished

Polish Professionals

Polished And Proud

Proudly Polished

Design On A Dime

Nailed It

Well Nailed

Luxurious Nails

Pampered Nails

Long Lasting Nails

Star Nails

Sit Back And Relax

Relaxation Station

Pamper Party

Happy Hands

Healthy Hands

Happy Fingers

Decorated Digits

Glamorous Nails

Nails By Design

No Better Nails

Nail Natio

Passionate Pedis

Passion For Pedis



Scent Event

Well Scented

Sensual Spritz

Spritz And Smell

Spirited Spritz

Scented Spirit

Perfume Pros

Perfume Packs

Perfume And Prose

Profound Perfume

Pleasant Perfumery

Perfumery 101

Pleasing Perfumes

Irresistible Scents


Perfume Centric

Radiant Scents

Sweet Essences

Essential Essences

Scentric Perfumes

Floral Finds

Appetizing Aroma

A+ Aromas

Scentsational Perfumer

Scentsational Scents

Scentsational Aromas

Aromatic Expressions

Self Expressions



Pro Perfume

Perfume Professionals

Piqued Perfumes

Perfume Peak

Pride In Perfumes

Perfume Pride

Perfume Prowl

Perfume Prowess

Spirited Spritz

Ritzy Spritz

Spray Array

All Day Spray

Splendid Spray

Aroma Appeal

Fresh Scents

Fresh Florals And Mor

Before finalizing your Brand name do a detail study about do’s and don’t’s. So thât the end result is precise and according to the MArket demand as well as satisfies you too.