Healthy environment is necessary for us and also for our future generations. But now a day due to many pollution sources, our environment is getting polluted and we must act to stop it. Camapaigns are the best to way to teach people about the benefits of a healthy environment and also they should be told to try their best to keep it clean and green. Environment slogans are the memorable phrases that people can remember easily and thus are a very good tool to make save the environment campaigns more effective. Environemnt slogans can be written on banners, posters, t- shirts etc. so that people can read them easily.

Environment Slogans

We have collected a list of 51 catchy slogans on environment which you can use in go green or save the environment campaigns to get maximum out of it.


  • Don’t Be Mean, Be Green!!!


  • Seven Billion Dreams; One Planet

  • Raise Your Voice, Not the Sea Level


  • Eat, Think, Save

  • Think for the Planet!


  • Jhonny Jhonny yes papa, burning tires no papa


  • Save the environment or ruin our future

  • If you’re not with us, you’re against us

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  • Pure air, pure water and pure foodstuff, will bring heaven on earth

  • Live local, think global, stay hopeful


  • Don’t mess with Texas

  • Go Green, There is No other planet for living


  • Green doings brings green rewards

  • Heal the world! Make it a better place


  • Keep our forests green

  • Make trees not stumps


  • Protect our environment, keep it safe; tomorrow, we’ll be saved!

  • Think green and live green


  • The earth is not a gift from our ancestors, but a borrowing from our children

  • Save earth, save yourself


  • They took my light bulb, now I live in the dark ages

  • Care for the nature. Save the future

  • Plant a Tree, Plant a new Life


  • Run to help save Environment


  • Healthy Environment, Healthy Mind

  • Go for Green Side

  • Environment Makes from You and Me

  • Raise your Voice for Environment

  • Join hands for Healthy Environment


  • Think today, Enjoy Tomorrow

  • I love Clean Air

  • Keep The Environment Clean

  • A beautiful Environment Starts with you

  • Clean Environment is our Demand


  • Green Revolution is the best Revolution

  • Man has Responsibilities, not Power

  • Save Mother Earth

  • Buy Green and Save Green

  • Fight for Healthy Environment

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  • There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth, We are all crew

  • Modern technology Owes ecology An apology

  • Economic advance is not the same thing as human progress

  • It is My duty to save environment’s beauty

  • Because we don’t think about future generations, they will never forget us

  • We cannot command Nature except by obeying

  • We won’t have a society if we destroy the environment

  • Love Environment

  • Protect the Environment

  • My Promise to the Environment

  • Keep Smiling and Save the Environment

  • Save the Environment, Go ECO




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