Oxygen was discovered by Carl Wilhelm Scheele, in 1773. It is a chemical element with symbol O and atomic number 8. It is a highly reactive nonmetallic element and oxidizing agent that readily forms compounds with most elements.

Below is a list of 21 creative and catchy oxygen slogans and taglines. Best for your science projects. Also you can use them on your t-shirts. Share them with your friends. 


  • No option other than to love oxygen

  • Leave oxygen and die

  • Oxygen: Gift of God

  • You can’t live without it

  • Oxygen: The most needed gas

  • Oxygen is made for you

  • Life without oxygen is impossible

  • I am a oxygen lover

  • Oxygen for us

  • No. 8 in periodic table and No. 1 for your existence

  • Oxygen not just a gas, It’s your life dude

  • Oxygen and life, side by side

  • No Oxygen means sky without stars

  • Without oxygen, we are nothing

  • We all need oxygen

  • No Oxygen, no life

  • The gas which keeps you alive

  • Oxygen is tasteless but tasteful for your soul

  • No smell no color but brings colors in life

  • Without oxygen, humans will not be able to survive

  • You need when you breath




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