• Check- Re-check- and Check again


  • If you think that safety is expensive, try having an accident

  • Work safely, somebody wants you back home!


  • I want you to put your gloves right now

  • Safety first as life is precious


  • Future is not in your hands! But safety is in your hands, bring the future!

  • Set the example; never get complacent around the work area!

  • Be mindful of the dangers! Don’t get complacent!

  • I want you to protect your hands

  • It’s cool to be safe!

  • Stay alert, don’t get hurt

  • Talk less, do your job safely

  • Say no to carelessness!


  • Safety is endless

  • Safety first, business next

  • Industrial safety: The goal must be zero accident

  • Industrial safety is the key to accident free

  • Be careful, stay alert – don’t get hurt


  • Safety is a state of mind

  • Safety begins with team work

  • There is no substitute for safety

  • Big or small, safety is for all

  • Better safe than sorry

  • Use your head instead of your back

  • Work safely or Hurt greatly

  • Safety:  Everyone’s full time job not a part time job

  • When you gamble with safety, you lose your life

  • Safety: Safety has no time out!!!

  • Be a safety hero, score an accident zero

  • Safety: It’s the tool for LIFE

  • No Safety – Know Pain, Know Safety – No Pain

  • Work safely or Go home

  • If you got a head, u need a helmet!

  • Hard hats protect your smart mind

  • Protect your head or end up dead

  • Use your head – Use a helmet

  • Use your brain to protect your head

  • Walk safely please

  • Plan for safety or prepare for Accident

  • Always use helmet during work

  • Our aim, no accidents!

  • Safety…, do it, do it right, do it right now

  • I am safe by choice, are you?

  • We need you work safely

  • Safety never takes a break!

  • Accident bring tears, safety brings cheers

  • I want you to put your hard hat on

  • Work safely, you may not get a second chance

  • Safety is everybody’s job

  • Fire is ruthless, be safe

  • Always be responsible for the safety of yourself and others

  • Hands up, Wear your gloves

  • Always remember, all accidents are preventable

  • A helmet on your head will keep you away from a hospital bed!

  • Always take the safest path, never take shortcuts

  • Think Safety today, Be Alive Tomorrow

  • Shortcuts cut life short

  • Be Alert! Expect the Unexpected

  • Think safety, avoid unsafe acts

  • Stop accidents before they stop you

  • Your life is in your hands

  • Fingers are precious, don’t ignore – or they could end up on the floor

  • Use your eyes to protect your hands

  • Using hard hat is a wise choice

  • Your hand is your most important tool – Protect it!

  • Start with safe hands, finish with safe hands

  • Fire can’t be trusted

  • Safety fits like a glove

  • Protect your hands, protect your family

  • Your hands are in your hands

  • Using safety gloves is the wise choice

  • Quality and safety go hand in hand

  • Protect only the fingers you want to keep!

  • Small fire will be tall soon

  • Stop! Your hand is near a pinch point

  • Everyone has a hand in safety

  • Fire safety On – Fear gone




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