Europium was discovered in 1901 and is named after the continent of Europe. It is a chemical element with symbol Eu and atomic number 63. It is a moderately hard, silvery metal which readily oxidizes in air and water.

Below are the 16 Catchy Europium slogans for chemistry assignments, science projects & project presentations. They can also be used for Europium advertisement and marketing. Also good for familiarization with Europium. Share them with your friends.


  • Europium, like Europe, easily inflamed

  • Run for the Europium

  • Europium loves Neutrons

  • Europium’s favorite food is a Neutron

  • Europium, a lil toxic thing

  • It’s a Europium thing, you wouldn’t understand

  • Be soft like Europium

  • Europium: Silvery, Soft & Ductile

  • Europium, a doping agent

  • Get Europium or get out

  • Get the job done with Europium

  • Tarnish quickly like Europium

  • Europium, the best

  • Europium can do it

  • Europium, a force behind the forces

  • Keep calm & Europium on




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