Below are the 21 Cool Drought Slogans. Share them with your friends.


  • No rain means pain


  • Water is for sissies

  • Severe Drought, save Water


  • If in doubt remember that we’re in a Drought

  • Forests keep Dry Land Working


  • Tell others what it’s all about: Water Conservation in a Drought

  • Food Grows Where the Water Flows


  • In A Drought, You Got To Help Out

  • Let It Rain, Let Is Pour, Without Water, the Land Is Sore

  • Today’s rain water is tomorrow’s life saver!


  • Seeds are crying for Rain

  • It’s so dry, the trees are bribing the dogs

  • Dare to breach the surface and sink

  • Don’t let our future dry up

  • Violence is like a weed – it does not die even in the greatest drought

  • Any party which takes credit for the rain must not be surprised if its opponents blame it for the drought

  • No Grow – No Mow – No H20

  • State of drought

  • We are in Drought

  • None of us can make it rain, but we can all use less water

  • Together we will defeat this Drought




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