• If you wash your hands, you are a winner.

  • In all the lands, wash your hands.

  • Be aware-wash with care.

  • You are grand if you wash your hand.

  • Use the soap-don’t be a dope.

  • Clean Hands are guardians of health.

  • Don’t spread germs wash your hands.

  • Be a germ buster wash hands.

  • Wash those germs right off of your hands!

  • Be aware, wash with care.

  • No germs allowed Wash your hands.

  • Clean hands, healthy heart.

  • Clean hands, safe hands.

  • Washed hands are caring hands!

  • In all the lands, wash your hands.

  • Bury the germ, wash your hands.

  • Clean well so you can eat well.

  • Clean hands make the world go round.

  • Clean handed people are clean. So be clean. Wash your hands.

  • Don’t wait for commands! Wash your hands!

  • Don’t lick, germs stick.

  • Wash for happiness.

  • Hand washing your protection against infection.

  • Its only right to clean your hands day and night.

  • Health and hygiene are wealth and fitness.

  • Let your fingers do the washing.

  • War on germs, Hand to Hand combat.

  • Always wash your hands, pots and pans.

  • Farewell to filth, hello to health.

  • Don’t be a bum, wash off the scum.

  • keep it clean, you know what I mean.

  • If you keep clean you will look like the queen!

  • Clean hands deserve two thumbs up.

  • Some habits are good.

  • Give soap a chance when washing your hands.

  • Drown a germ and wash your hands!

  • Wash, it’s your duty!

  • Clean Hands are guardians of health.

  • Break the germ cycle.

  • Wash your hands to kill germs.

  • Don’t let germs get you down.

  • Clean hands, sound bodies.

  • Washing hands, makes life safe.

  • Your hands are lovely.

  • Don’t be dirty, be neat, wash your hands before you eat.

  • Hand Hygiene is EVERYONE’s job.

  • Wash and be happy.

  • Future is in your hands.

  • Stop spreading germs, Wash your hands.

  • Handwashing is an important part of your job.

  • Wash up, Kill the germs.

  • Hand Hygiene makes me feel clean.

  • Life is in your hands, wash them properly.

  • Hand washing daily keeps the diseases away.



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